22 High Five Fails Captured on Camera

There has been many debates on how the ever cool high-five was first brought into existence. While some believe that it was Christopher Columbus during his not-discovery of India, some others believe that it was Barnabus Stinson from back in the 15th century. Regardless of the popular beliefs, people nowadays still perform the ritual of awesomeness and mutual agreement by slapping their palms with a trustworthy partner. This is also where the seemingly easy action becomes complicated and in these cases, socially humiliating. As we are about to learn, not every two people can pull this off. Let us go into the reasons why high five fails exist.

First of all, to hold out a hand requires some level of confidence. Sure, anyone can raise a palm. All he or she would have to do next is wait for a reply. This is where the confidence plays off its role. By holding out your palm, you display that you have a certain degree of trust that your five will be met by another. This trust however, must be a two-way street. Basically, one must assert his confidence in his stance, as doing so will make his presence known, alerting the other part of the impending moment of awesomeness. A lack of this would summons instead high five fails.

Then we come to the next and most important part of a functional high-five; the partner. There’s a reason why it’s called a ‘partner’, and not ‘friend’. This is because not all friends share the same interests and beliefs. For example, just because you think that you should get a high-five after tripping the nerdy kid from school, doesn’t mean others would also agree to. Only a partner, whose mind is a lot like yours, can understand this eccentric beliefs.

1- Just Ignored
When It is Ignored

He walked right past him. As if he doesn’t exist. Poor guy. He really looked like he wanted some appreciation. After all he probably had made the pass in the first place. What a way to leave a brother hanging, though.

2- Just Missed It!
He Wanted High Five Badly

Nice guys seem to always be ignored, no matter in what field. Maybe he did not put up his hand high enough. His high five fails because it seemed more like a ‘down low’.

3- Excited Fan
Fans Wanted High Five But……..

An excited fan. Typical. This is actually one of the most common fails among high five fails. And he already swung in, too.

4- In a Hurry?
In a Hurry, Skipped High Five

He probably had to use the restroom. That focused form, looking down all the way, the signs are there. Nice thumbs up, coach.

5- Sourly Awkward
High Five or a Hug?

This is why we need a partner, and cannot just five anyone we just met. The honest request for a cool moment turned sourly awkward, ending with an even worse embrace.

6- In a Hang
One Of The Two Wanted High Five

He left him hanging, all the way until the commercials. Seems like the guy gave his partner ample time too, but he was probably too psyched up about the coming game.

7- Cool Girls
Men Wanted High Five

This here is an effect only cute girls can ignite. A total of four hands were raised, but no slap actually happened. No awesome moment was created. Talk about being awkward in public.

8- For Me Alone
Hit the Eye, a Mistake

“Wait, no, you’re aiming for my…” but nothing could have been done. These two certainly have chemistry, but not enough for their palms to meet. Their high five fails painfully.

9- Just Ignored
High Five Ignored

Did the guy in grey just ignored him and looked away? Or did this enthusiastic guy attempt to high five a stranger at a game? Points for efforts, maybe.

10- Great Singer
Great Singer Had to be Taught

Ryan was too busy congratulating this great singer when he forgot that he was blind. He did a great job of covering it up, though, by reaching for the guy’s hand.

11- Reply Imperfect
High Five, Reverse of Hand

This high five fails even though the guy in black only had to reply with a slap of the hand. He did so, just awkwardly backwards. His reply was a back hand up top. Precious.

12- No or Poor Perception
Golfers Wanted to But Could’nt

This image here make it seems as if both the men have poor depth perception, which is weird when you consider the fact that they’re golf players. Embarrassingly funny.

13- Left Hanging
Just One Response, Others……Limbo

Just when he thought he was being left hanging, a trustworthy man appears. Saving his brother, he casually gave him an up top, making this less painful as high five fails.

14- Oh it Failed
Jubilation Un-matched

A brave attempt at an up top, but this high five fails eventually probably due to the reason that he knows no one there, and to pull this off you need better charisma.

15- Too Eager To
Too Eager but Fell Down

“I want that five…” but the way-too-eager guy couldn’t support the weight of the awesome moment, and so fell along with it. So close though, there’s a good example when high five fails.