22 Celebrity and Adult Star Twinnies You Need to Check Out

We have here 22 beautiful pairs of celebrities and adult star twinnies who have so much in common. These are gorgeous ladies who excel in giving the desires of its audience. Both are in the spotlight of a make-believe world of happy endings and deepest fantasies. Funny thing is, when these celebrities attend various awards events, they wear sheers and almost naked dress. Far from the girl-next-door OOTD’s they wear on their films. While these adult stars attend their awards night wrapped around elegant dresses covering most of their sexy bodies, very ironic from the usual bikini to no dress at all we see on their films and sites. You’ll be the judge if they look twinnies according to your own standards.

1. Olivia Wilde and Sophie Lynx

Olivia Wilde and Sophie Lynx - Celebrity Twinnies


Olivia and Sophie’s pictures here looks like a with and without makeup picture of a celebrity. Olivia has a beautiful face with well-contoured cheek bones and nose. While Sophie has the same facial shape but with usually no makeup look on her pictures. Both are gorgeous and wild in their respective fields.

2. Taylor Swift and Jana Jordan

Taylor Swift and Jana Jordan - Celebrity Twinnies

At the age of 14, T-Swift pursued her career in country music. Years after, the beautiful Taytay has become one of the best singer-songwriters of her generation, gaining more and more solid Swifties who support her all the way. Since Taytay is not ready to shave off her sweet and conservative public image, you may click on Jana’s tempting vids as she not just “Shake It Off” but let you linger in the best shots of her voluptuous body.

3. Shakira and Carmel Moore

Shakira and Carmel Moore - Celebrity Twinnies

Lovely face, check. Wavy blonde hair, check. Sexy body, check. Oozing with sex appeal, check. Wow. Shakira and Carmel really pass as twinnies. Aside from those mentioned, they are both award-winning artists in their respective fields. Shakira has numerous awards for her music while Carmel was awarded as the Best Female Actress at the 2007 UK Adult Film and Television Awards.

4. Scarlett Johansson and Amanda from X-Art

Scarlett Johansson and Amanda from X-Art - Celebrity Twinnies

Scarlett, aside from being a critically acclaimed Hollywood actress, is considered as Hollywood’s sex symbol and has been named the Sexiest Female by various men’s magazines in different years. That makes it a huge shoe to fill if you are ScarJo’s look-alike, just like Amanda from X-Art. People are expecting for at least ScarJo’s level of sexiness while on a steamy shower on those photographs back in 2011. Can Amanda beat that?

5. Zooey Deschanel and Ellie Idol

Zooey Deschanel and Ellie Idol - Celebrity Twinnies

We have loved (or even hated) Zooey as Summer Finn of the movie (500) Days of Summer where she ditched an innocent guy who loves her so much. But here’s a lady named Ellie, with the same round blue eyes and facial features, who is willing to satisfy a man and his desires.