21 Vital Things They Didn’t Teach Us At School

7- How Wifi Works
How WiFi Works

This clip can tell you all the technical information how your wifi provides you uninterrupted internet access. You might not understand the technicalities of its function but still you definitely know how wifi provides internet to your entire home. In case you need to impress your neighbour.

8- The Sunscreen Vs UV Rays
Get Away From UV Rays

Look at the right image of a girl with black coating on her face. This is what your sunscreen lotion does for you. It protects your skin’s outer surface by providing a thick coating which cannot let UV rays to touch your skin.

9- How Door Lock Works
Lock Are Simple To use

Things not taught at school how the door lock works and how key works an dhow the door is locked. All that is unfolded in this picture and see things working yourself.