21 Vital Things They Didn’t Teach Us At School

4- Coin Sorting is Among The Things Not Taught at School
Coin Sorting System

School curriculum was so simple that there were so many things not taught at school. This image can tell you a very simple thing about sorting out your coins of change. This simple and technically operated machine can easily pick coins of your change.

5- Pop Star Shoes Are Complicated
Pop Legend Shoes

Everybody know how breathtaking Michael Jackson’s dance was! We loved that but such few things not taught at school. He not only outdone the laws of Physics but also told the world he can dance out of the world too. He is the pop-legend.

6- Big Bird Costume
Big Bird Costume

This image can tell you all about how these huge big bird costumes can be handled around an average human. This involves physical strength as well as some technical support to to make things work. Watching sesame street characters was fun but these were the things not taught at school.