21 Reasons this Photographer has the Best Job in the World

Terry Richardson the notorious fashion photographer is renowned for his shocking and risque photography style. Aside from creating campaigns for top high-end brands, he also shoots fine-looking women with barely anything on, day in and day out. What a lucky guy. I bet he’s always motivated to come to work every day. You’ve got to see some of the gorgeous women who ended up in his camera lens.

21. Going Japanese



These pretty Asian women seem to have a good time with the photog and I’m pretty sure he did too.

20. Simplicity is Beauty18

This model’s natural beauty shines through even in black and white. And Terry has no complaints.

19. Hairscapade4

I’m shocked too. Who would have thought Terry would look decent with hair.

18. Double Thumbs Up7

Looks like celeb Elle Fanning had a blast shooting with Terry.

17. The Kylie Effect17

Let’s all bask in Kylie Jenner’s magnificence as captured by Terry’s lens.