These 20 Photographers Had No Idea What Was About To Happen

Taking photos is one way of immortalizing a perfect and sometimes imperfect moment. Just like these embarrassing, hilarious, jaw-dropping and sometimes scary moments that were caught just at the right moment. Fortunately and unfortunately for these people in the photos, it’s something that can never be forgotten. It’s even on the web so sorry guys, there’s no turning back. We’re not judging here, we just want to have some good entertainment and laughs at your expense, unfortunately. But everybody has those clumsy and awkward moments so the playing field is equal. Sit back and enjoy these entertaining photos. Here’s the 21 Amazing Photos Caught Just at the Right Moment.

20. Can’t Resistcan't resist

Well somebody’s definitely having a good day. But not for this lady. She might have missed the weather forecast that it was going to be a windy day. Dresses and the wind don’t actually go well together as we can see here. But the priest has some confession to make when he arrives in the church.

19. Hair Fliphair flip

I bet you wish it was summer all year long. I think this girl was copying the famous water hair flip but hers turned out to be a flop. She looks gorgeous but she also looks like she’s in pain. Not glamorous at all. Her dreams of becoming a model just swam away.

18. Balancing Actbalancing act

I don’t know which guy is duller, the one on the bike or the one who allowed the other guy to ride a bike on his head? But you must admit this is pretty awesome. Dummy 2 here is even chilling with his cigarette. We just hope that Dummy 1 keeps his balance.

17. Half n Halfhalf half

Everybody loves to go to the beach. I mean, who doesn’t? Just like this half man and half booty chilling on the beach. That guy is definitely working out as he is in perfect shape. But kidding aside, this one’s just a hilarious illusion caught at the right moment.

16. Parents of the Yearmommy boo-boo

The beach is definitely a nice place to unwind, relax and enjoy nature. But I’m not sure what these parents are up to. The older child seemed swinging between his parents like a rag doll and the little on is about to fall on the sand head first. This is one what-were-they-thinking moment!