20 Urban Legends That Are Actually True

4. Shadow People


The Shadow People is an urban legend that are creatures like ghosts, but creepier. They usually come to people in the middle of the night. People who have seen the shadow people say they are in a state of sleep paralysis every time they are around.

In Japan, a man was noticing weird shadows and food missing in his home. So he investigated and put in a surveillance camera. He shockingly found a woman hiding on top of his built-in cupboard that stored mattresses and bedding. There was just enough room for her to hide and lay down. She was charged with trespassing. Not all shadows are paranormal.


3. Chimney Death

woman-dies-in-chimneyWho told you Santa Claus is the only one that loves to go down chimneys? There is someone who tried to do this and died in the process. So please don’t try this at home.

A woman in California tried to slide down her lover’s chimney but she got stuck and died of mechanical asphyxia. The 49-year-old doctor had first tried to force entry to the house using a shovel, then she climbed a ladder to the roof, removed the chimney cap and slid feet first down the flue. Her body started decomposing and was found three days after she attempted the break in. She was close to her destination too as her body was just two feet above the opening.


2. Dead Body Surprise

dead-body-in-carpetFinding a dead body wrapped in a rug or carpeting is truly a horror. It’s just hard to believe that those things could actually happen to you. But you’ll never know what you’ll find. Especially when you go dumpster diving.

In Columbia University, three college students went dumpster diving to decorate their dorm. They were short on the budget being students. So they found a decent looking carpet and brought it back to their dorm. When they unrolled it, they found a dead body of a male who had been shot one or two times in the head. Those poor students will probably never go dumpster diving again.


1. Tug-Of-War Of Death


Tug-of-war is a fun and entertaining game that anyone can join. But sometimes even the most seemingly innocent things can cause great harm.

At the Retrocession Day celebrations in Taipei, Taiwan one of the largest tug-of-war matches was held where 800 people lined up on each side of a nylon rope to be crowned the winners. Each side pulled as hard as they could, exerting more force than the rope was capable of withstanding. It caused the rope to snap along with the arms of the two men in front. Yang Chiung-ming and Chen Ming-kuo each had their arms ripped apart between the shoulder and elbow due to the force of the rebounding rope. Thankfully, they were rushed to the hospital where doctors spent seven hours reattaching their limbs. Yikes!

What do you think of these stories? Believe it or not, these urban legends are true. You know nothing is impossible and sometimes, “truth is stranger than fiction.” So the next time you hear an urban legend, do a little research. You’ll never know what truth is hiding behind those stories. These are definitely not our grandma’s typical bedtime stories.