These 20 Unsolved Mysteries Will Leave You Guessing: Number 5 Is Heartbreaking

10. Taos Hum


Taos, New Mexico is known as a vacation city for the wealthy, along with being a thriving city for artists. However, numerous inhabitants speak of a constant hum surrounding the city.

Many theories exist around the hum, ranging from the genetics of the “hearers,” possible government tests in the area, and even an Alien presence causing the hum. As of now, there is no known explanation.


9. Disappearance Of Flight MA370

012-9-disappearance-of-flight-ma370-e67afbc68c3c796aa751627a1d54ac03The whereabouts of Malaysian Airlines flight MA370 is a modern unsolved mystery. The airplane went missing in March 2014, sparking international intrigue.

A multi-national search of the Indian Ocean was unable to locate the missing plane. However, some debris from the plane washed ashore the coast of Africa. What happened to MA370 remains a mystery that puzzles millions.


8. Jack The Ripper

013-8-jack-the-ripper-3454ae2e0dec7f6eb7af9ed0de6399d9The serial killer known as Jack the Ripper was active during late 19th century London. It’s believed the murderer was responsible for up to 20 gruesome killings during a short 3-year time frame. Numerous theories exist concerning the identity of Jack the Ripper, with books being published on the topic. However, the mystery of this serial killer remains unsolved.


7. Tamam Shud

014-7-tamam-shud-6293124b905e317670e5b71460855762One of Australia’s greatest mysteries surrounds the murder of an unidentified man. In his pocket, a scrap paper read “Tamam Shud,” which means “finished” in Persian. The man has never been identified and his death is linked to untraceable poison. His identity and circumstances around his murder remain a mystery.


6. The Zodiac Killer

015-6-the-zodiac-killer-1015128The Zodiac Killer terrorized San Fransico from the late 1960s and into the 1970s. This murderer is notorious for sending letters to the media and police, openly mocking their attempts to capture him.

While six murders are officially credited to the Zodiac, numerous other individuals murdered during this time period could have been at his hands. No one was ever arrested or charged with these killings.