20 Most Awkward Prom Photos

Ahh, prom. One of the highlights of a high school student’s life. Prom is a formal dance event or gathering of high school students. It is typically held near the end of the senior year. Students come in their best (seriously!) evening formal attire, bring a date, or be with a group of friends, arrive in a limousine or a party bus, anything that would make the experience more unique and unforgettable.

But as perfect as it may sound and despite all the preparation, there are still awkward moments and bad photos during this much-awaited event. I mean, nobody really looks great during high school, right? It’s an awkward stage to be in honestly. Just like the photos on this list!

Have fun and share your awkward prom moment.

20. Welcome to Americaspicyprompic

Prom in America. Not really an image of what high school students should be doing! If this is just the beginning, we wonder how it will end! Raging hormones and everything. Kids trying to grow up and act mature, not really. Too racy! Just wait and enjoy your teenage life!

19. Mother Stuffs Best

Now mom, let’s not get carried away. I wonder what was she thinking when she decided to stuff her daughter’s dress. Hmmm? Could it be based on personal experience? Her daughter doesn’t seem to mind some extra fluffiness on the chest department either. Let’s just hope that nothing peeks out of while she’s working the dance floor.

18. Too Cool For Schooltoocoolforschool

Hello, mullet. Where have you been? Haven’t seen you for a while. Oh yeah, I forgot it was way back in the 80s. Now this is what we call a flashback. The hair and shades may not be so  flattering but the kids back then looked pretty classy and decent. No too much cleavage or unnecessary exposure.

17. Banned From Prombannedfromprom

Now don’t they all look sweet and pretty in their gowns. But when mom asks for one last photo before they head to the prom this is what she gets. Uh oh. They’re not so sweet and innocent now mom. I think she had a mild heart attack and these girls are changing to their PJs.

16. The Bozo Dateshirtlesspromdate

I can definitely understand why she looks like that in this photo. I think she regretted saying to yes to this bozo as her date. I mean, who wouldn’t be embarrassed? If her dad would be around I don’t think he would be showing up like this. Get a life!

15. When Prom Girls Attackpromgirlsinshortdresses

A group of girls in short and tight dresses may be every guys’ eye candy but don’t be fooled behind those sweet and innocent smile. For all we know they could be hiding something behind those charming smiles. Prom season is also pranking season, so beware! Don’t get carried away, or else.

14. Fishy Datefishypromdate

High school years may be one of the best or worst seasons in a person’s life. Sometimes puberty may not be kind and you can feel awkward. Just like this guy. It may look funny but wouldn’t you go dateless rather than bring a trout to prom? It’s less embarrassing and you’ll still have your dignity intact.

13. Students’ Petpromponydate

Now here are another bunch of guys bringing animals to the prom. What is it with guys bringing animals to prom? I’m thinking, it’s a guy thing? Who knows. And the three of them decided to share the embarrassment. I don’t know if they’ll be proud of themselves looking back at this photo.

12. Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?

Who says, only guys compare boob sizes. I don’t think her friend minds cupping her assets in broad daylight. She may be thinking to have hers done and wants exactly the same size as her friends. Her friend doesn’t mind though as hers is all natural. She’s just blessed in the chest department.

11. The Creepy Dateprettypromgirls

These two ladies’ are having fun but I don’t think her friend’s date on the back likes to share her date. Chill, dude. Those flowers are going to wilt, they’re just taking a picture. Almost too creepy to look at. So the next you choose a date, pick someone less creepy!