15 Anonymous Confessions On What It’s Like Working For Minimum Wage

For millions in the United States, minimum wage is the only way they can make ends meet. Originally started in New Zealand in 1894, minimum wage has been looked down upon by many who would rather go unemployed than take a job as a retail worker or a dishwasher. Others who would rather take a bad job and earn their own way and hope for something better to come up. But for all minimum wage employees, there are some hard truths that they just can’t get away from. 20 minimum wage workers dished on some of their true thoughts on the struggles of life with a small gross income.


15) Feeling Lost

001-15-feeling-lost-748106Many people reaching the age of 30 feel as if they have nothing to show whenever they see people younger than them having greater success. Roughly 45% of workers under the age of 30 receive minimum wage from their jobs. There’s always the saying that nobody takes you seriously until you’re in your 30s.

14) In Debt

002-14-in-debt-748121Being in debt is one of the worst feelings when you’re struggling with your minimum wage job. While a minimum wage hike could help things, it can also pose a burden to customers, who will have to deal with a spike in prices to help offset labor costs. Those looking to get out of debt can either find another job, get rid of costly expenses, or apply for a debt consolidation loan.

13) Minimum Wage With A Degree

003-13-minimum-wage-with-a-degree-748174Having a college degree is something worth pursuing, but it doesn’t always result in having a better job in the end. In 2010, 327,000 people with at least a bachelor’s degree to their name were taking minimum wage jobs because of the rough economy. If you add student loans to the mix, many of these college graduates will be dealing with financial burdens for a long time.

12) Switching Tags

004-12-switching-tags-748207Some people will do desperate things when they’re in debt. Tag switching is a popular method for those looking to save less on an item they want. Unfortunately for those individuals, it’s also a form of shoplifting, which can lead to paying a fine and/or possible time in jail.

11) Wasting Time At Work

005-11-wasting-time-at-work-748243For many, earning $6.50 a hour for an unfulfilling service job really doesn’t sit well. Some will waste their time or simply do things at a slower pace since they’re not getting the kind of payment they think they deserve. This kind of behavior can lead to possible termination or hours cut if the boss catches them in action.