20 Gorgeous Celebrities with the Best Beach Bodies

We all love staring at glammed up celebrities on the red carpet. They are like a vision of heaven. Perfect, glamorous and oozing with appeal. But nothing is more gossip worthy than seeing celebrities in swimwear, makeup free and look normal. They have the luxury to have a get away anywhere they please. Be it on the tropical Carribean, warm beaches of Greece or secluded Asian beaches.

Just as we average joes enjoy soaking up the sun on the beach and the feeling of sand between our toes, celebrities may be the ultimate beach bums. Unfortunately, with the annoying paparazzi on their tails, there are no days off even off cam. Celebrities are expected to be picture perfect.

Talk about pressure? But despite the standard of the society, there are still celebrities who embrace their natural bodies while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Here are 20 gorgeous celebrities that confidently flaunt what they have. Old or young, curvy or not, they take pride in what they are given. Enjoy the view and let us know who are on top of  your list!

20. Zoe KravitzZoe-Kravitz

Daughter of famous rock star Lenny Kravitz and with a gorgeous mother, it’s no wonder why this petite beauty is talented and stunning. She has appeared in films such as Divergent and Mad Max: Fury Road. She loves lounging on the beach and lives an active lifestyle. As we can see from her well-toned physique.