25 Facts You Should Know About Game of Thrones

8- There Are 70 Different Ways To Say Hodor

How many ways could a man possibly shout his own name? Several dozen, in fact! Kristian Nairn, the nearly 7 foot actor who portrays the gentle giant with a vocabulary of one word, says that there are about 70 different ways to pronounce “Hodor.” Depending on the situation, there can be a scared, happy, excited, and angry Hodor, among others. The nuances of the word are paired with the scene. To get in on the action yourself, you can download a Hodor app from the Google Play Store, to start annoying your friends in a whole new way.

9- Inspiring Baby Names

“Arya” has become the fastest-growing baby name in the United States. In addition to inspiring this trend, another Thrones character has influenced a new generation of kids: over 150 babies were named Khaleesi in 2012 alone.

10- The Costumes Are Aged For Realism

In an effort to avoid the cheap “Renaissance fair” look that many historical and fantasy productions endure, the costume designers behind Game of Thrones put each piece of clothing through a two week aging process. This gives the costumes a grainy, lived-in look that pays off on screen in every close up shot. The Emmy Awards earned by designer Michele Clapton attest to the importance of this detail.

11- The Costumes Also Hide Secret Messages

There are innumerable details woven into the costumes that portray story and character details for those willing to take the time to look. Khaleesi’s blue dress features dragon scales, while Cersei, a character prone to calling people “little bird,” often has bird imagery sewn into her clothing. “It’s so easy to draw a pretty dress in a fun way,” says costume designer Michele Clapton. “But this is so much more about finding the right look and telling so much more about that character, and that’s what I really, really enjoy: the storytelling.”

  12- The Hair Is Very Fake And Very Expensive

Along with the traditional costumes, the Emmy-nominated team behind the look of Game of Thrones has to create an amazing array of wigs. Each platinum wig that Emilia Clarke wears over her natural brown locks is 2 feet long and made of real human hair. The realistic results speak for themselves, looking so natural you’d never guess that each one costs around $7000 a piece.