20 Fine-Looking News Anchors and Weather Reporters

People watch the news to be updated about politics, the economy, current events, and weather. The usual stuff, nothing really new and exciting. But there are times that people watch the news not because of the news but because of the news anchor or weather reporter. Especially the fine looking news anchors that make us glue our eyes on the screen. That’s when news becomes more interesting. Sometimes it’s not always about the news but the news anchor. These intelligent and gorgeous news anchors have smitten us with their charm and watching regular news will never be the same again. These 20 fine-looking news anchors have us hooked on watching the news or rather them. Read on to see what I mean.

20. Courtney Friel – KTLA-TV, Los Angeles, Californiacourtney

She is currently a news anchor for KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, California and previously covered entertainment for KTTV/Fox 11 in Los Angeles as well as for Fox News Channel and other local stations. Prior to her move to Los Angeles, Friel was the entertainment reporter at Fox News Channel, contributing to a number of entertainment-related programs for the network’s website.