21 Creative Ideas to Re-Use Old Plastic Bottles – #3 Would Amaze You!

We are part of this world and responsible for what is happening around us in one way or the other . See what we eat, what we drink and use what comes to us packaged and what we send away. These are petroleum plastic bags, old plastic bottles etc. – These garbage bags and the old plastic bottles we send out is the a material that lasts there for ever. This “throw away” mentality just started in recent decade. Else we used to have re-usable bags and wrappings and containers. That was glass, paper, metals that were degradable and recyclable too. Today, our beaches and landfills are packed with plastic material that stays there forever without contributing anything to mother nature.

Our trend to be convenient and adopt “use and throw away” culture is very much inconvenient for mother nature in the long run. We throw away computer and electronic gadgets, plastic cups, water bottles, utensils, electronics These old plastic bottles, cups, utensils, gadgets and toys (to name a few) each day and do not think what happens to them. Research shows that just 5% of thrown away plastic is reused. Meaning thereby that out of that 50% remains buried somewhere around us. That 50% perhaps keeps deteriorating the environment or may be floating somewhere in sea.

So let’s not close our eyes and try using these old plastic bottles as much and as long as we can. To reuse old plastic bottles, here are so many ways where imagination is the limit. Once we start thinking in re-using these old plastic bottles, fresh ideas will down on us and then sky is the limit. You can do it for decorating it as something that you would love to see always to using it in your daily life – the possibilities are endless.

1- Vertical Garden:
Lovely vertical garden designs that are sure to wow you.
Cover the Wall or the Window

Plastic bottles can be aligned vertically on a wall and fixed making it beautiful in which you can have plants or creepers that go well with the decor. This could be even for covering a window where sunbeams are disturbing.

2- Bottle Caps Make Beautiful Mosaic
In case you Have Plenty of Bottles, use Their Caps

This has been endorsed by some of the highly placed professionals across the globe. Just cut across the bottle and ensure that you have plenty of old bottles.

3- Lighting Through Old Plastic
Getting Ready to Use Old Plastic Spoons and the Like


What can spoons do except help you eat? Well, here is a look.
A Mix of Transparent Mixed with Green and the Light Behind
The Splendid Blue Peep Through
The Star Plus With Bottles
Ideal Mix for Children Room
Red Spots Over the Illuminated

There are several options, sky is the limit and certainly there is no limit for the imagination and an artistic eye can visualize to any extent. Made out of used plastic spoons. used plastic bottles, there is a new look in the house. There are several ideas to add to the aesthetic value to your living room by adding color or doing mix and match. This is something that you would absolutely love.

4- Broom
Why not turn it into a broom?

Neatly cut into the shape of a Broom, you can use old plastic bottles to scare kids away. This is another idea that is seeing a place in the society.

5- Make a Chandelier for Living Room
Chandelier is something you will love.

A hanging chandelier made of old plastic bottles? Too good to be true!5cAn exquisite and elegant reuse that you can command respect from your friends. A well thought of idea and changes the atmosphere in your living room making it look out of the world.

6- Stand for the Assorted
How about a jewelry stand.
Jewelry Stand When Completed
Offering Sweets Becomes Surprise.
Lot Easier to Adorn the Dressing Table.

It has been in vogue for a brief while and is catching like wild fire. All you need are some bottles and a little bit of imagination. May it be your jewelry or tidbits in kitchen or the  assorted things around the dressing table, this gives you easy access to so many of your collections when arranged like a stand.

7- Parking Canopy
Old plastic Bottles Give a Shelter when Put Together

Something you should see to believe how well it blends with the purpose of giving shade and shelter made out of the use of old plastic bottles.

8- Christmas Tree to Celebrate
How about having a christmas tree designed with nothing but bottles?

An idea that has been around for a while but something magnificent adding flavor to the festive look. All you need are bottles to design your own Christmas tree!

9- Bouquet Lamp
A bouquet lamp made of bottles .

An innovative reuse of plastic bottles makes headlines in most national and international forum.

10- Being in Garden
Preparing for Planters
Hanging Peacefully Outside
Another Planter With a Face
On the Edge of a Garden
Together They Become a Green House
Green is tasteless without Butterflies
Birdie Guests

An eye catching item tends to be the choice of many. If you are looking to reuse old plastic bottles, do it for the green jobs in your garden. Planters as well as the greenhouse – don’t stop there, you mad add some butterflies. No, you get birds in garden, have the bird feeders ready for the guests too, the way to complete the job.

11- Intricate Bottle Vase
Just choose a bottle vase that’s different!

A great gift to someone you love. This is a bottle vase that can do the talking and is made of nothing, but the last plastic bottle you were going to throw away!

12- String Ball Holders
String Ball Holders

String balls keep running after each other. Some users get frustrated when these balls run away and some enjoy those running around. In both cases users try to keep a control over  them and ball holders made out of plastic bottle holders serve the purpose.

13- Keep the Goodies
Goodies for Loved Ones
Mouth Open to Receive Happily
Getting Prepared for the Goodies Case.

Goodies and give away item holders need to be pretty and attractive having a thought provoking design. Made out of old plastic bottles is a good option and specially when properly painted and decorated, they make the difference.

14- Sci-Fi Rocket Jet Pack
Children Love to Take Off

Kids will love to wear one as it looks so natural and is every child’s dream to have one.

15- Lake Boat
Boat or a Life Boat from Used Bottles
Beautiful Bottle Booat

Reuse old Plastic Bottles to make it by roping number of bottles together. They float due to the buoyancy of being empty.