20 Celebrities Then and Now: See How They’ve Changed!

Celebrities are probably the most watched or stalked people in the world. Everyone wants to know every detail of their lives. From their haircut down to the clothes they wear, everyone wants the deets. Especially on their physical appearance. If they used to be a teen heartthrob, everyone wants to know if they’ve aged gracefully. Or when they were cute kids, average joes want to find out if they grow up drop dead gorgeous. Ah, the life of a celebrity. Nothing escapes under the microscope. Let’s admit, celebrities are gorgeous people. We drool over their seemingly perfect looks. But not all celebrities were glamorous when they first started and they are just mortals like us. They age too! Want to see how some famous celebrities look now? Read on the 20 Celebrities Then and Now: See How They’ve Changed!

 20. Zac Efron (2004 and 2015)zac efron 2004 and 2015

Zachary David Alexander Efron began acting professionally during the early 2000s. He rose to fame for his leading role in the film High School musical franchise. In between doing the franchise, he also starred in another musical film titled Hairspray and comedy film 17 Again.  He has appeared in several successful films since then. He became an instant teen heartthrob and young girls swoon over him. He’s fine looking and can act, sing, and dance, so what’s not to love? Way back 2004, he looked like your typical coming-of-age young man. He was still developing those muscles that would transform him into a hunk. Flash forward in 2015, he’s still a heartthrob but he’s no longer a little boy. That piercing stare feels like melting your soul.