20 Celebrities Who Lost their Innocence Too Early or Too Late

Losing one’s innocence at an early age is a common thing especially nowadays. But there are still some traditional values retained when it comes to doing the deed before the marriage. Even celebrities have a stand when it comes to these things. As everyone dreams of having that perfect moment when doing the deed for the first time. Something that’s romantic and with the person they love. Unfortunately, not all ends up perfect and romantic. Want to now how some famous celebrities lost their innocence and at what age? Read on to find out. Here’s the 20 Celebrities who Revealed how they Lost their innocence.

20. Fergiefergie

Born Stacy Ann Ferguson, the former Black Eyed Peas member is a talented singer and great dancer. She lost her innocence at 18-years-old but she said that she was surprised that she reached that “older” age because it took a lot of willpower on her end. At least she’s an adult.