18 Beautiful Pictures Of The Human Race That Will Remind You Of The Good In This World


Whether you’re a creationist, evolutionist, or whatever-ist, it’s hard to consider life as anything but an incredible miracle. There’s so much beauty in the world to admire and incredible things to experience.

With that being said, there’s a fair share of tragedy in the world as well. While some tragedy can remind us of the true value of life, it can also get us down. It’s a good exercise to remind ourselves of all the good in the world to help us get out of our funks.

The following photos are a great reminder of how amazing the human race is,  and the truly incredible things that exist in this world.

#18 The Weeping Soldier

001--18-the-weeping-soldier-260376Even the most patriotic people will usually agree that war is never a good thing and should be an absolute last resort. Soldiers on the front lines might feel pride in protecting their countries, but with that pride likely comes a measure of resentment, anger, and fear. Everyone’s afraid to die, and soldiers face death on a more regular basis than most. This soldier clearly felt overcome with emotion as he was serving his country.