18 Beautiful Pictures Of The Human Race That Will Remind You Of The Good In This World

FeaturedPicturesWhether you’re a creationist, evolutionist, or whatever-ist, it’s hard to consider life as anything but an incredible miracle. There’s so much beauty in the world to admire and incredible things to experience.


With that being said, there’s a fair share of tragedy in the world as well. While some tragedy can remind us of the true value of life, it can also get us down. It’s a good exercise to remind ourselves of all the good in the world to help us get out of our funks.

The following photos are a great reminder of how amazing the human race is,  and the truly incredible things that exist in this world.

#18 The Weeping Soldier

001--18-the-weeping-soldier-260376Even the most patriotic people will usually agree that war is never a good thing and should be an absolute last resort. Soldiers on the front lines might feel pride in protecting their countries, but with that pride likely comes a measure of resentment, anger, and fear. Everyone’s afraid to die, and soldiers face death on a more regular basis than most. This soldier clearly felt overcome with emotion as he was serving his country.

#17 Sharing A Meal With A Friend

002--17-sharing-a-meal-with-a-friend-2acb1b812a2c23bcfcbb942ca48a51d2The ability a person has to share is underrated, especially in a world where many act selfishly on a regular basis. This Buddhist monk is clearly operating on a higher level, and he recognizes the importance of sharing with his feline friend, the hungry tiger. This photo was captured at the Kanchanaburi in Thailand, also called “Tiger Temple.”

#16 The Eagle Huntress

003--16-the-eagle-huntress-1f3a47b5ec1c05c24bfb579ce1e20e43Some 13-year-olds are just your ordinary teenagers, obsessed with texting, social media, and dating. Others, like Ashol Pan, are eagle huntresses from Mongolia. She’s no ordinary girl, in fact, her interests are very extraordinary. Instead of texting her friends or playing with dolls, she learns how to handle animals like large birds, foxes, and hares.

#15 Soldiers From North Korea Sharing A Laugh

004--15-soldiers-from-north-korea-sharing-a--8daf21eb3c9c765ae2fd29e9fb02805cWhen we think of North Korea, we usually picture some strange place with people completely unlike us. This picture serves as a beautiful reminder that even in the North Korean army, there are people just like us that enjoy life and love to laugh. It’s remarkable to consider that we share many similarities with people that are on an opposite side to us.

#14 A Child Of The Arbore Tribe In Ethiopia

005--14-a-child-of-the-arbore-tribe-in-ethio-260315Something about young children is mesmerizing. Perhaps it’s the pure innocence you can see clearly in their eyes or their fascination with life as they experience everything for the first time. This young boy from the Arbore Tribe in Ethiopia shows those qualities in spades, and it seems obvious that he’s brimming with pride of his tribe.