20 Actresses Who Probably Needed Therapy After These Love Scenes

13. Dree Hemingway


Dree Hemingway starred in “Starlet” which was directed by Sean S Baker. The movie contains an explicit scene which she refused point blank to take part in and a body double was drafted. However, the finished product was so realistic that it was impossible to tell that a body double had been used.


12. Sayoko Yamaguchi

009-12-sayoko-yamaguchi-004477aff7c613caba83a338cb7b5d96The sex scenes in “Les Fruits De La Passion” are incredibly intense. The film was intended as a sequel to “The Story of O” and involves Sayoko Yamaguchi’s character being “trained” in a brothel. It is considered to be memorable for its depiction of unsimulated oral sex on a man.


11. Yekaterina Golubeva

010-11-yekaterina-golubeva-709817The film “Pola X” is supposedly based on Herman Melville’s novel but it’s a long way from the source material. Yekaterina Golubeva and her co-star Guillaume Depardieu were so unimpressed by the scenes they were required to act out that they both demanded (and got) body doubles to take over.


10. Jessica Nilsson

011-10-jessica-nilsson-cf8dba98afacbb14ff404d51711ebfdcJessica Nilsson’s role in “All About Anna” is one that she defended but she might have come to regret thanks to the huge public outrage over the explicit sex scenes. Both the intercourse and scenes of erotic self-stimulation were considered to be over the top by Danish audiences.