20 Actresses Who Probably Needed Therapy After These Love Scenes

What could be more natural than the act of love between two consenting adults? Nothing at all! Something truly special happens when you share intimacy with another person, whether it’s a long-term partner or an exciting fling.

These actresses, unfortunately, didn’t get to feel that “something special,” because their love scenes were carried out on camera in front of a crew of gawkers. For them, this was work and not pleasure.

Who wouldn’t feel awkward with the whole world watching them fake it? Additionally, some scenes can end up being downright traumatic, whether due to controversial subject matter, long shooting days, or an incredibly unprofessional and rude on-screen partner.

Whatever way you slice it, love scenes are just awful, and these 20 actresses were put through the wringer in some of the worst sex scenes in film history. They’re so bad, we wouldn’t be surprised if any of these ladies needed therapy afterward, especially #8.

20. Shailene Woodley

001-20-shailene-woodley-1f3c1d4c4b553c897308c86cd243e3d2Shailene Woodley was the star of “The Spectacular Now.” Her sex scene in that movie was said to be so excruciatingly embarrassing for her that she felt that it was worse than actually losing her virginity. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt the film at all and it has a rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.



19. Vanessa Hudgens

002-19-vanessa-hudgens-709567Vanessa Hudgens is a pop singer and actress. Her brief spell in the love-making limelight left her very cold indeed. Her sex scene in the movie “Spring Break” left her so ashamed that she instructed her agent that she would never do another love-making scene again in any movie.


18. Anne Hathaway

003-18-anne-hathaway-709625Anne Hathaway has been acting and singing for a long time now, but there’s one movie she remembers more than most. “Love and Other Drugs” required multiple sex scenes which meant she spent a lot of time naked in front of a film crew, her co-stars and umm… a bunch of strangers on the beach.

17. Amanda Seyfried

004-17-amanda-seyfried-709664TV and film actress Amanda Seyfried says that sex scenes are naturally awkward and that they’re something that an actress or actor just has to deal with as part of their job, even if it’s often the worst thing about their job. So she’s going to carry on doing them even though she doesn’t enjoy them. She recalls shooting the scene in “Chloe” with Julianne Moore as being among the worst she had to endure.


16. Keira Knightley

005-16-keira-knightley-c1b80608ab166e903668e0396c0e933eKeira Knightley’s one and only sex scene came in “A Dangerous Method” and she freely admits that she needed to get merry (with a few vodkas) before she could pretend to do the deed on film. She also says that she drank champagne when she decided never to do another scene like it again!


15. Dakota Johnson

006-15-dakota-johnson-5b5b1e79bc6fa10db1dacb79870a7980Yup, even the star of “50 Shades of Grey,” a movie all about sex, doesn’t like doing sex scenes. Dakota famously requested that all unnecessary people be removed from the set whenever a sex scene was being shot. She said the experience made her feel vulnerable and was unpleasant.


14. Eva Mendes

007-14-eva-mendes-709725Eva Mendes famously did a sex scene with her actual partner Ryan Gosling. So how did that work out? Well, according to Eva it was “awful” and “awkward.” So, even if you can find someone familiar for that on-screen romp – it’s not going to be as much fun as everyone imagines.

13. Dree Hemingway

008-13-dree-hemingway-f3902a5b03648a56351577959523ccc6Dree Hemingway starred in “Starlet” which was directed by Sean S Baker. The movie contains an explicit scene which she refused point blank to take part in and a body double was drafted. However, the finished product was so realistic that it was impossible to tell that a body double had been used.


12. Sayoko Yamaguchi

009-12-sayoko-yamaguchi-004477aff7c613caba83a338cb7b5d96The sex scenes in “Les Fruits De La Passion” are incredibly intense. The film was intended as a sequel to “The Story of O” and involves Sayoko Yamaguchi’s character being “trained” in a brothel. It is considered to be memorable for its depiction of unsimulated oral sex on a man.


11. Yekaterina Golubeva

010-11-yekaterina-golubeva-709817The film “Pola X” is supposedly based on Herman Melville’s novel but it’s a long way from the source material. Yekaterina Golubeva and her co-star Guillaume Depardieu were so unimpressed by the scenes they were required to act out that they both demanded (and got) body doubles to take over.


10. Jessica Nilsson

011-10-jessica-nilsson-cf8dba98afacbb14ff404d51711ebfdcJessica Nilsson’s role in “All About Anna” is one that she defended but she might have come to regret thanks to the huge public outrage over the explicit sex scenes. Both the intercourse and scenes of erotic self-stimulation were considered to be over the top by Danish audiences.

9. Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg might have been happy to join the cast for Lars von Trier’s horror flick “Antichrist,” but she wasn’t so happy to take part in the sex scenes. She insisted on a body double and audiences felt that they couldn’t tell the difference thanks to the director’s trickery in the scenes.


8. Chloë Sevigny

013-8-chloe-sevigny-709857Chloë Sevigny starred with her then-boyfriend Vincent Gallo in “The Brown Bunny,” and in the movie she goes down on him for real. Reflecting on this experience with Playboy magazine, she said that she’d “probably have to go to therapy at some point” because of the way the scene made her feel.


7. Marion Cotillard

Marion got what many women consider a dream job when she had to simulate sex on screen with Brad Pitt during the making of “Allied” but she said that the experience was simply “weird” and “awkward.” Though this doesn’t mean that she’s not friends with Brad in real life and she seems to really admire him as an actor.


6. Lauren Lee Smith

015-6-lauren-lee-smith-50950aa763083d66075a1cd70f629d68Lauren Lee Smith worked on a few scenes with Eric Balfour in “Lie With Me.” Audiences said that they thought the sex scenes were disturbingly real – mainly because they were actually real. The ensuing controversy is something that she probably regrets now; though at the time she said it was all about portraying a strong woman.


5. Natalie Portman

016-5-natalie-portman-709679Natalie Portman’s up front that sometimes if she’s not really feeling it, a sex scene can be downright unenjoyable. She says that even though she’s experienced at playing these scenes now, she often finds them embarrassing and wishes that she were elsewhere. As opposed to her fans who often wish they were there with her. She cites the scene with Mila Kunis in “Black Swan” as particularly awkward.

4. Mila Kunis

017-4-mila-kunis-709667Mila Kunis has come to terms with doing sex scenes but she’s also said that she’d like the world to know that there’s “no comfort whatsoever” to be had during their filming. She says that between dealing with the lighting demands and the film crew – it’s a tiring and traumatic experience. She too recalls “Black Swan” in an interview with Maxim as an example of an uncomfortable scene.


3. Jenna Dewan

018-3-jenna-dewan-709639Jenna Dewan’s an actress, model and dancer. She says it’s not so much the sex scenes that she finds hard to deal with but rather the fact that her partner, another actor, does sex scenes too and that they often end up hanging around the other people who starred in the scenes – trying to act like nothing ever happened. She says the scenes in her TV show, “Witches of East End,” were so uncomfortable that she covers her husband’s eyes if they’re on the TV.


2. Blake Lively

019-2-blake-lively-709606Blake starred in the CW series “Gossip Girl” and has also appeared in many movies. She recalls that the worst sex scene she ever had to do was for “The Town.” She turned up to the set, shook her co-star’s hand and was told to get on with things immediately. Awkward, very awkward indeed.


1. Kristen Stewart

020-1-kristen-stewart-709562Kristen Stewart was the star of the Twilight series of movies which featured a war between vampires and werewolves. However, she said the sex scene in the “Breaking Dawn” episode of the series was “agony” and that it was “grotesquely uncomfortable.” She also says that she hates doing sex scenes of any kind.

So there you have it — just when you thought that the life of an actress was nothing but glamor and jet-setting; it turns out that every job has its really awkward moments.

Of course, just because someone’s on screen it doesn’t mean that they feel any more secure in being naked in front of strangers than anyone else would.

So, if you’re thinking about an acting career, you might want to ask yourself if you’re really cut out for showing everything you’ve got to everybody in the world. If not – you might want to opt for something else.

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