19 US Presidents And Presidential Hopefuls Ranked By IQ Score


Plenty of people have been President of the United States, but they haven’t all been natural-born geniuses! Though most of them attended top-notch universities and had very successful academic careers, don’t think they’ve all had an easy time. We’ve compiled a list of seventeen presidents and one presidential hopeful to compare how their IQ scores stack up. We’ve also highlighted some of their accomplishments and shown some of what they did while in the Oval Office. Some of the names on this list may surprise you, shock you, or even scare you, but you’ll have to keep on reading to find out more!

#19 Hillary R. Clinton – 169 IQ

1473045284996-screen-shot-2016-09-01-at-3-30-58-pm-1472758284856Starting off our list is presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton! She has served as a US Senator and Secretary of State under President Barack Obama (Slide 8). She attended college at Wellesley College in Massachusetts and law school at Yale University and is currently aiming to win the presidential election this fall. Her IQ of 169 will certainly be a benefit if she takes the White House!