19 US Presidents And Presidential Hopefuls Ranked By IQ Score



Plenty of people have been President of the United States, but they haven’t all been natural-born geniuses! Though most of them attended top-notch universities and had very successful academic careers, don’t think they’ve all had an easy time. We’ve compiled a list of seventeen presidents and one presidential hopeful to compare how their IQ scores stack up. We’ve also highlighted some of their accomplishments and shown some of what they did while in the Oval Office. Some of the names on this list may surprise you, shock you, or even scare you, but you’ll have to keep on reading to find out more!

#19 Hillary R. Clinton – 169 IQ

1473045284996-screen-shot-2016-09-01-at-3-30-58-pm-1472758284856Starting off our list is presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton! She has served as a US Senator and Secretary of State under President Barack Obama (Slide 8). She attended college at Wellesley College in Massachusetts and law school at Yale University and is currently aiming to win the presidential election this fall. Her IQ of 169 will certainly be a benefit if she takes the White House!

#18 John Quincy Adams – 168.8 IQ

1473045287503-screen-shot-2016-09-01-at-3-24-14-pm-1472757881595John Quincy Adams boasted an impressively high IQ score of 168.8. He received his law degree from Harvard University and reportedly spoke at least four different languages fluently! He also was a talented statesman and representative of the United States in international affairs. There are lots of other Harvard grads on this list that you would never have expected to have such high IQs – just keep reading!

#17 Thomas Jefferson – 160 IQ

1473045288431-screen-shot-2016-09-01-at-3-20-10-pm-1472757636988Thomas Jefferson is best known for his contributions to the founding of the United States. But did you know he also had an IQ score of 160 – making him one of the smartest people of all time! He left a positive legacy as President by lowering taxes and helping with the founding of the United States of America. Interestingly enough, he was the third president and the third smartest person on our list!

#16 John F. Kennedy – 158 IQ

1473045290146-screen-shot-2016-09-01-at-3-13-49-pm-1472757254391-mediumJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy was only President for three short years before he was assassinated, but he still left his mark on the Oval Office. He attended Harvard University and served in the Navy, as well as married wife Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis. His IQ of 158 served him well while he was still alive and serving as President! You would never have guessed this next ex-president had a high IQ…

#15 William J. Clinton – 156 IQ

1473045290803-screen-shot-2016-09-01-at-3-08-21-pm-1472756924765-mediumDespite his strong southern accent and ineloquent speech, William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton has an astonishingly high IQ of 156! Who would have thought? He won a Rhodes Scholarship, often considered to be the most prestigious academic award in the world, and earned his law degree from Yale University. Nowadays, he is busy campaigning for his wife Hillary to win the presidency!