19 Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully

We’ve got to admit: everyone gets old. For a majority of us, it’s never a fun thing. Imagine: gray hairs, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging body parts. But for others who are disciplined enough to be in the gym and leaning towards a healthy diet, aging becomes less of a toll. For celebrities, the path to aging gracefully should be easy given their money and connections within the industry. But that’s never the case for some of them, whose unhealthy lifestyle (or something else) contributed to their present “fugly” looks.

Here’s a list of a handful celebrities who broke into the entertainment world with a good looking face, but have aged horribly in the later years.

1. Lindsay Lohan

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay surged to fame as an actress and starred in a number of movie-worthy films which included Mean Girls and the Parent Trap. Now on her late 20s, she’s had more run-ins the law than the movies she made the last couple years.

2. Johnny Depp

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Johnny Depp

Johnny has gained a reputation for his all-around acting chops and mysterious persona, which landed him in numerous blockbuster films. His aging look may have been attributed to long-term smoking and high-profile relationships he’s dealt with over the years.

3. Kate Moss

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Kate Moss

Kate is still considered to be the most known supermodels in the globe. She rose to fame in the 90s after being discovered at 14 years of age. But the two-plus decades of partying and drinking has finally taken a toll on her as evidenced by dull skin and fine lines.

4. Brad Pitt

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt broke into the Hollywood scene in 1991 where his appearance in one film led to his widespread roles in other films — thanks to his acting skills and attractive looks. Now in his 50s, his busy life on and off camera has made him look tired and older.

5. Britney Spears

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Britney Spears

Britney was one of the hottest pop idols in the world who had a handful of number one hits. But fame came too quickly for the now 33-year old, who has dealt with embarrassing headlines over the years. Her aging appearance is one result of that.

6. Macaulay Caulkin

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Macaulay Caulkin

Macaulay was a household name after his appearance in the child comedy film, Home Alone. A couple sequels later, he surprised the world by dropping off the grid. Now at 34 years, he’s back: with a gaunt appearance and drug misdemeanors.

7. Renee Zellwegger

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Renee Zellwegger

Renee shook Hollywood for her role in Bridget Jones’ Diary pushed her to fame. Her popularity continued to spike years later. However, pressure to preserve her youthful appearance led her to look completely different (and a lot older) in recent years.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo, who has 30 years of acting experience, cemented himself as one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood. Spending plenty of his off-camera time partying nearly erased his once dashing looks. Now he’s seen smoking frequently and sporting a beard.

9. Mischa Barton

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Mischa Barton

Mischa catapulted to stardom in The O.C. and was envied by other teens for her gorgeous looks. Since The O.C. wrapped up, she had a hard time landing film and TV roles. Her fluctuating diet regimen, stress, and hectic living made her look a lot older.

10. Russell Crowe

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Russell CroweRussell has made the most of his Hollywood presence with plenty of buzzworthy films and snagging an Oscar for this role in “Gladiator.” Know for his unshaven appearance, the now 51-year old is sporting a gray beard and a lot of weight.

11. Madonna

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Madonna

Madonna, a pop icon and a musical legend, is known worldwide for her chart topping hits. It seems that her aging looks is starting to catch up given her past and current controversies and her uber-busy music projects and tours.

12. Pamela Anderson

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Pamela Anderson

Pamela, known for her role in the TV series, Baywatch, has gone through plenty of limelight headliners. From her high profile relationships to cosmetic mishaps to some porn-related issues, the stress has finally influenced her aging looks.

13. Michelle Williams

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Michelle Williams

Michelle, an ex-member of the now-disbanded Destiny’s Child, is also a gospel singer who takes pride in her music roots releasing a few albums as a solo artist. Since then, she has battled with a bit of depression and weight issues which led to her aging appearance.

14. Meg Ryan

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Meg Ryan

Meg used to be a darling on the screen, having directed and appearing on a plethora of romantic-comedy and drama films which cemented her Hollywood success. Unfortunately, her high-profile splits and cosmetic mishaps may have accelerated her age considerably.

15. Kathleen Turner

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Kathleen Turner

Kathleen came to Hollywood prominence in the 1980s after taking in different onscreen projects. She was a movie icon for a long while but after so many years, her huge weight gain made her unrecognizable.

16. Kirstie Alley

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Kirstie Alley

Kirstie has made a mark in the industry as an actress and comedian. She bagged several awards in her entertainment career and recently tried to shed off her excess weight. It could be a “big” thing for her given her age.

17. Goldie Hawn

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Goldie Hawn

Goldie is one talented actress, producer, director, and singer. Known for appearing in dozens of films and TV series, it seemed everything was going well for her. Sadly, her age and botched surgeries made her look a lot worse.

18. Brigitte Bardot

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte made her acting debut in 1952. Her big break came when she starred in “And God Created Woman” film. She’s won hanful of awards in France and internationally since then. Unfortunately, she couldn’t win the fight against aging.

19. Jessica Simpson

Batch 3- Stars Who Failed to Age Gracefully- Jessica Simpson

Jessica, a pop singer and brief actress, had her share of ups and downs. Since getting pregnant, she got bigger and appeared a lot older. Maybe shedding off the fats could make a ton of difference in bringing back her youthful glow.

Despite numerous grooming applications, Instagram filters, and even dabbing into Photoshop, it’s no surprise that a lot of celebrities want to look young as much as possible. Whether it involves dealing with botched surgeries, stressful careers, poor lifestyle choices, or public breakups, some stars have the capacity to quickly address them compared to others. Aging may not always be pretty, but that’s actually ok for those living an ordinary life.

But when you’re a Hollywood A-lister, there’s no excuse for having an unhealthy appearance from the get go. The stars mentioned just shows how Hollywood isn’t always perfect. Sometimes, all it takes is for one to snap out of living an unhealthy lifestyle and focus on clean living.

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