19 Secrets about Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

When the current Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, came out to the Buckingham Palace balcony during the closing of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration, it was obvious there was never a mistake in her reputation and position in Britain’s powerful Royal Family. She’s the university sweetheart of Prince William and a Home Counties commoner who snagged the heart of one of the most powerful and eligible men in the world. Her exquisite wedding a few years back just proves how important she is in the British monarchy.

Now, the world has fallen for Kate Middleton, who goes by the formal title of “Catherine Dutchess of Cambridge.” Her story is an example of a normal girl who literally found her prince charming. Here are some secrets that many don’t know about the Queen-to-be.

1. She was an Athlete in College

19 Secrets about Catherine Duchess of Cambridge- She Was an Athlete in College

Kate has a busy schedule with a number of royal duties and her kids to attend to. She has proven time and again that she’s not scared to sweat it all out. She has been active in Saint Andrew’s school, where she spent a lot of time playing swam and tennis. Her love for sports hasn’t stopped since becoming a duchess. Turns out, she also played a bit of field hockey in college.