19 International Cheerleaders More Entertaining than the Sport

Cheerleading used to be a wholesome activity where fans would yell chants to inspire the players. Surprisingly, it has now changed to a much-awaited halftime activity in various sports all over the world. It’s the cheerleaders now who would motivate the team players, boost morales and entertain the crowd. But truth be told, it does more than that. When the game is a bit dull, cheerleaders jazz up the scene and when the game is electrifying, expect a more hair-raising performance from these lively cheerleaders. While these gorgeous cheerleaders perform their routines on the field or court, it can’t be helped but attract more people to watch them more rather than the game itself. So here are some of the cheerleaders who are more entertaining than the sport.

1. Sail with Us19

Not everybody enjoys sailing. But these volleyball cheerleaders may just be the cure to your sea sickness. Just one look and you’ll definitely have a change of heart sailing.