18 Underwater Discoveries Too Bizarre to Believe

Untitled designIt’s amazing to realize that while 6 out of every 7 square miles of the Earth’s surface is covered in water; we’ve barely explored any of that water in great detail. We know more about the moon than we do about the oceans and seas that wash our planet clean.


That, in turn, leads to some amazing discoveries in the water. Both man, animals, and fish have left a lasting impression beneath the surface of the waves. Here are 18 underwater discoveries too bizarre to believe:

18. The Silfra Rift

The Silfra Rift is the zone that separates the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia. In itself that might not be too interesting, though the fact that the water is freshwater and not seawater is unusual. However, what makes the Silfra Rift fascinating is the incredible view offered as the plates drift 2 cm further apart each and every year.

17. A Dornier 17

A Dornier 17

The Dornier 17 was a bomber which was part of the German air force back in World War II. Its biggest contribution to the war effort came during the Battle of Britain. The last Dornier 17 was decommissioned in Finland in 1952 and it was thought that there were no remaining planes of this type anywhere in the world – until divers found one on Goodwin Sands in the UK. £600,000 later – the plane is now in a museum undergoing restoration and will be the only one of its kind in the world.

16. The Baltic Sea Anomaly

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

If you like your mysteries focused on extra-terrestrials then The Baltic Sea Anomaly is for you. It’s 60 meters across, about 4 meters deep and rests on an 8-meter tall pillar. Nobody knows what it is but there are reports that electronic equipment fails when it comes into close proximity – leading to speculation that it’s a drowned UFO.

15. The Ghost Fleet

The Ghost Fleet

The Ghost Fleet must be a terrifying sight for unprepared divers. It consists of more than 40 destroyed vehicles from World War II. It lays in the middle of the Pacific near in Chuuk Lagoon which is an atoll protected by a reef. Chuuk Lagoon was the main base of the Japanese navy in the South Pacific Theatre and in 1944 much of its naval capacity was destroyed by American-led bombing raids.

14. The City of Pavlopetri

The City of Pavlopetri

If you thought that Atlantis was a myth; you’d be right (at least to the best of our current knowledge) but it’s places like Pavlopetri that fuel the rumors. This Greek city was claimed by the waves a long time ago about 2,800 BCE, to be precise, and is in remarkable good condition given the exposure to the water. It was rediscovered in 1967 and has been fully mapped since.