18 Tourist Views That Will Make Your Heart Drop – You’d Have To Be Crazy To Attempt #1

FeaturedViewsLife is all about adventure, excitement, and trying new things. That is, for some people. Certain types of people enjoy adrenaline rushes and experiencing things that make their heart drop. Thrill seekers will do insane and courageous things to fulfill their desire for excitement. Other people have a panic attack at the thought of travelling more than 50 miles from their home. For those people, there’s the internet, where you can view exciting and thrilling things from the comfort of your bed. For some, the next adventure awaits. No matter who you are, click through to see fifteen places that will give you a panic attack just looking at them.

#18 Mont Blanc, French Alps

001--18-mont-blanc-french-alps-205177The view on top of Europe’s highest mountain can be seen from a tiny glass box, pictured above. Not only is the mountain extremely tall and terrifying for those who might be afraid of heights, but it’s also available to view through just 3.6 centimeters thick glass! A view for the risk-taker in all of us.

#17 Stairs At Dachstein, Austria

002--17-stairs-at-dachstein-austria-205182Austria is known for having breathtaking views, but some of what you can see is downright terrifying! The terrifying possibilities go as high as 1,300 feet up and can be seen from the Dachstein stairs overlooking the Alps. This bridge almost looks to be floating over the mountain. Check out the next slide to see where the terrifying staircase ends…

#16 What Do The Stairs Lead To?

003--16-what-do-the-stairs-lead-to--205184That’s right, the stairs lead to absolutely nothing! Austrian resort developers built a stairway to nothingness as a way for viewers to get a seamless view of the mountains! That means there is no emergency exit, once you enter the stairs you might as well make it to the end. But you will certainly be happy you did.

#15 Lion’s Head Mountain, South Africa

004--15-lion-s-head-mountain-south-africa-205186Lion’s are known for being fearless kings of the jungle. It makes sense that this terrifying cliff is named after the brave beast. This view is absolutely breathtaking, but you’d have to be rather brave to make the hike, as this isn’t a man-made viewpoint and there aren’t cushy fences to keep you from slipping right off!

#14 Blackpool Tower, England

005--14-blackpool-tower-england-205188As if a glass box isn’t scary enough, England offers up a terrifying view from their glass floor in the Blackpool Tower. The view overlooks the Blackpool Promenade and gives a thrilling straight down perspective. The floor goes on for a “walk of faith,” a challenge for those looking for an adrenaline rush.