18 Things You Won’t Believe That The TSA Has Confiscated From Passengers

FeaturedTSAThere’s a certain amount of courage required to get on a plane. After all human beings weren’t meant to fly and defying gravity just seems, somehow, wrong.


Whenever you do fly, spare a thought for the TSA officers involved in keeping your flight safe, they’re not just there to confiscate your nail scissors and water bottles. They sometimes have to deal with seriously bizarre items that passengers bring onto planes.

You’d be amazed at what people seem to think is acceptable to place in their hand luggage even today when the threats of terrorism are well known. Here are 18 things you won’t believe that the TSA has confiscated:

#18 An Unloaded Gun… With The Ammo

001--18-an-unloaded-gun-with-the-ammo-257500The last thing you want on the plane with you is a lunatic wielding a pistol. After 9-11 you wouldn’t believe that anyone would be stupid enough to try and carry one onto a flight. Yet the TSA at Baltimore-Washington International caught one idiot trying to do exactly that. The pistol was unloaded but he did bring a box of ammo to go with it…

#17 A Smoke Grenade

002--17-a-smoke-grenade-257502Can you imagine the horror of being sat on a flight in mid-air and suddenly the cabin fills with smoke? The panic that would ensue would be incredible. Yet, the TSA found a passenger trying to sneak a smoke grenade onto a flight at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport anyway. If you thought smoke grenades were wild, check out this next one…

#16 An Ancient Cannon

003--16-an-ancient-cannon-257504To be fair to the passenger caught trying to bring this cannon onto a flight at Hawaii’s Kahului Airport – the cannon was well and truly an antique and couldn’t be used to cause any kind of mayhem. That doesn’t make much difference, though; as you still can’t bring weapons into the hold. This next one…

#15 Throwing Knives

004--15-throwing-knives-cb09bd47538feee3b701279ed5f57327It takes a special kind of lunatic to think it would be a good idea to bring a bunch of throwing knives onto a plane. After all, it’s unlikely that there will be a mid-flight circus with a pretty lady blindfolded and secured to a spinning board but the TSA has apparently had to relieve passengers of these items regularly.

#14 Hand Grenades (Fake Ones)

005--14-hand-grenades-fake-ones--257508If you were the pilot of a 747 would you be able to tell the difference between a real grenade and a fake one? We’re betting the answer is “no”. That’s why the TSA had to take a bunch of fake grenades from a passenger trying to board a flight at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.