18 Surprising Stars That Are Actually Big Jerks In Real Life

#13 Michael Jordan

006--13-michael-jordan-202631Before you hate on us for listing one of the all-time basketball greats, hear us out! As much as Michael Jordan’s fans love him, he apparently doesn’t feel quite the same. It’s reported that Jordan refuses to take any pictures with fans or sign autographs. While we’re sure it’s inconvenient to constantly get swarmed by fans, that just seems rude.

#12 Ariana Grande

007--12-ariana-grande-202525On the surface, it’s tough to find something not to love about Ariana Grande. She’s small, cute, and relatively non-threatening. As much as her fans might adore her, they likely don’t appreciate the fact that she reportedly said all of her fans should “f*cking die” while backstage at one of her shows. Not exactly what you want to hear from your idol.

#11 Josh Duhamel

008--11-josh-duhamel-0ef38f471a81b2cd8ab62c4d2f1eb9efSometimes the one’s that seem the nicest are surprisingly not! As cool as Josh Duhamel seems in film and the media, it’s widely reported that he’s extremely controlling and jealous when it comes to his wife Fergie. We can’t blame him for being protective, but that’s just next level! I thought this next celebrity was supposed to be a sweetheart!

#10 Carrie Underwood

009--10-carrie-underwood-b21974aee43c4889be31e6238129ed23Something about country stars makes us think that they’re all sweethearts, but apparently, that whole image for Carrie Underwood is just a facade. She’s reportedly only a darling when she’s on camera, and the rest of the time many consider her to be arrogant, rude, and generally standoffish. That comes from the mouths of her longtime fans, so we tend to believe them!

#9 Jay Z

010--9-jay-z-16bf23ece9a5704778b8268130a197a0Perhaps the fame paired with having one of the most gorgeous wives of all time in Beyonce has gone to Jay Z’s head, because apparently, he ignored multiple phone calls from the great Robert DeNiro. It got so bad that DeNiro actually confronted him about it at a party, and that’s one guy you do not want to get in trouble with.