18 Surprising Stars That Are Actually Big Jerks In Real Life


People idolize stars, and that usually means they idealize them too. They love to think our favorite celebrities are great people who they’d be friends with in real life, but the truth is, the stars are just like everyone else. Yes, just like everyone else, stars can be real jerks sometimes.

It’s easy to put on a show during late night talk show appearances or meetings with fans, but it’s tough to act like a decent person 24/7 if you’re not one. That means that even the stars best at hiding their jerkiness slip up from time-to-time and show their real colors.

Curious to know if some of your favorite stars made the list of jerks? Check out who we’ve included!

#18 Kim Kardashian

001--18-kim-kardashian-202599This one might not be too much of a surprise for Kim Kardashian’s many haters (and she has a lot), but on top of that, she’s a bit of a snob. Back in 2014, Kim apparently refused to take a picture with Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s girlfriend at the time, because she was too “lowbrow.”