18 Shortest Lived Hollywood Marriages

#13 Shannen Doherty & Ashley Hamilton

006--13-shannen-doherty-ashley-hamilton-54dc909690e30296fa5658b5caab1f1bAshley Hamilton was mostly known for just being a movie star’s son. He was even more well known after marrying actress Shannen Doherty at just twenty years old! Unfortunately, the couple did not make it very long at all and ended up splitting after only 5 months of marriage. We all could have predicted this next relationship would never last…

#12 Kid Rock & Pamela Anderson

007--12-kid-rock-pamela-anderson-225157Though their marriage was over pretty quickly, a lot of people definitely remember the marriage between Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson. They got married in bathing suits, something little girls dream of. They didn’t make it very long, though, and ended up splitting after just 4 months of marriage. This next couple was definitely doomed from the start…

#11 Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Esposito

008--11-bradley-cooper-jennifer-esposito-225155Bradley Cooper quickly became every woman’s dream man. He seems so sweet and definitely handsome. However, the two apparently had a pretty nasty marriage and Jennifer was not afraid to talk poorly about him. She stated that he was manipulative and cold, two things that all his lady fans did not want to hear!

#10 Nic Cage & Lisa Marie Presley

009--10-nic-cage-lisa-marie-presley-330ef5777e15460ef0bbb229e8fd02bfNicolas Cage Fell in love with Lisa Marie Presley after locking eyes with her at a Hollywood party. The two quickly fell in love and got married. Unfortunately, the split after only 3 and a half months together. Nic said it was because they both were so stubborn and had very strong personalities.

#9 Nicki Hilton & Todd Meister

TMeisterNHilton_061504.jpgNicki Hilton and Todd Meister tried to play the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” card, but couldn’t quite get away with it. The two got married at a chapel at 2:30 in the morning. They called it quits after 3 months and were able to get their marriage annulled.