18 Shocking Photos Of Celebrities Before And After Photoshop

#8 Brooklyn Decker

1473088796484-527ce7f6959abb69f92843f050e30cb0-1472831025968If you’re feeling insecure, you might feel better knowing that photographers think that even the beautiful Brooklyn Decker needs touching up. In this photo shoot, the after shot on the right has some distinct differences. Decker’s face and arm are much darker overall, and her breasts are substantially larger. Speaking of large body parts, check out this next celeb…

#7 Kim Kardashian

1473088796699-075d134007deff58064f7e939d083b71-1472830358025Some suspect Kim Kardashian has had extensive plastic surgery, but even still, her photo’s are edited and enhanced before being released to the public. In this example, we can see that the skin appears flawless with a nicer complexion after editing. It also appears that her waist and curves have been reduced in size.

#6 Kourtney Kardashian

1473088796937-e82069a92ec4342787075fabfa92b9ce-1472830723510We don’t have to look much further for the next case of photoshop magic. Kourtney Kardashian admitted that the magazine photographing her made numerous changes to this picture. Even though both pictures were taken on the same day, the magazine drastically altered her appearance by slimming her down and even changing the color of her shirt. What’s the point of even having your photo taken at this point?

#5 Tyra Banks

1473088797185-071f3417eafc29ff21b21d5e95774f8e-1472831093836-mediumSometimes photoshop can be handy for simply removing stray hairs, as was the case here with Tyra Banks. It was also used to get rid of the bags under her eyes, even out her complexion, and change her eye color from dark green to a much lighter green. Her lips also appear glossier. Something Tyra is used to as she’s been in the modeling industry for years now.

#4 Emma Watson

1473088797379-6e27294370f73f8d02259b4e90ce8e76-1472831223757-mediumAlthough young and attractive, even Emma Watson went under the photoshop knife. It was evidently used on this photo to darken her hair in spots, smooth out her skin, and edit the color of her complexion. Perhaps the most notable change is the enhancement of her eyes which distinctly brighter. You would never expect this next celebrity to need Photoshop!