18 Shocking Photos Of Celebrities Before And After Photoshop

#13 Katy Perry

1473088794373-a9f95b5a99bf2932989648b7d3fd0d8c-1472828274608-mediumNotice any differences between the two pictures? Both are beautiful, but the photoshopped picture on the right shows a smoother face and eyes that are a much brighter blue. The before photo is marred by normal facial imperfections like acne and pronounced dimple lines which clearly weren’t suitable for the final shot. This next celebrity is one you’ll definitely know…

#12 Madonna

1473088794584-photoshop-6-1472827679453Sometimes photoshop is used to fix the model’s appearance as well as wardrobe issues, as was the case here with Madonna. Not only has her skin been enhanced to appear flawless and more translucent, you can see that little glitches from her outfit have been edited out as well. It seems even clothing can have its imperfections as well!

#11 George Clooney

1473088794959-georgeclooney-1472829980488If it seems like we’re ganging up on the ladies, check out this before and after of George Clooney. He looks about 10 years younger in the photoshopped picture with his wrinkles being completely smoothed out. Even the shade of his hair has been tweaked and appears a little darker. It just goes to show you that nobody is safe from a Photoshop job.

#10 Mischa Barton

1473088796077-897e74214edd0879f84a4bca39bc1783-1472829660591In the real life snap caught by paparazzi, it’s clear that Barton has some cellulitis on her legs. In her magazine and promotional photo’s her skin is smooth and without blemish of any kind, demonstrating some photoshop wizardry. Also, in the edited photo, Barton appears thinner and more chesty. You can’t believe everything you see in magazines!

#9 Angelina Jolie

1473088796342-5f46c4b9c381261e067e8dae20bfedd4-1472830139579-mediumAngelina Jolie catches the eye of many, but even she gets some touch-ups done on her public photos. In this specific comparison, it appears that some blemishes have been removed while making the skin smoother and coloring more balanced. Her eyes also appear to have been enhanced to appear more sparkly. This next celebrity knows a thing or two about Photoshop jobs…