18 Shocking Photos Of Celebrities Before And After Photoshop

The secret is out! Photographers have a tool that they use to help celebrities look as amazing as they do in pictures and it’s called Photoshop. Surprise!

Celebrities already have an arsenal of image improvement tricks, like make-up, the best personal trainers, plastic surgery, and the list goes on. That list also includes tweaks and touch-ups using photoshop software.

Are you curious which celebrities have their photo’s touched up? Check out our list of celebrities before and after photoshop so you can see the huge difference! We guarantee you’ll be surprised by many of them.

#18 Britney Spears

1473088792080-57f20edd0aeee276d56425aa93cd75bf-1472823231339We know Britney Spears has had some rough years, and in the above photos, you can see some of the touch-ups that her photographers implemented. It seems her days as the sexy schoolgirl have been over for years. Each one is highlighted, but the most noticeable are the slimmed down physique and change of overall complexion. Oops, she did it again!



#17 Megan Fox

1473088792942-photoshop-1-1472822990634-mediumMegan Fox is beautiful, but it might help that photographers have a magic wand they can use to cover up some imperfections. In the before picture on the left, you can see some roughness in the skin along with acne scars. In the touched up photo on the right, you can see that everything has been smoothed out and her skin tone got noticeably darker.


#16 Lindsay Lohan

1473088793233-6a5a0695eed095cdd27fa81773b18457-1472823411981Lohan has been through rehab multiple times as she’s battled with alcohol and drug addiction, so there’s no way that can’t affect someone’s appearance. You would never know it from her photoshopped pictures, though! You can see that all the wrinkles, freckles, and pigment discolorations have been evened out to look smooth and perfect. You would never have guessed this next celebrity needed Photoshop…

#15 Mariah Carey

1473088793657-5582936bb5626e1c34fd580ad8d2f50d-1472826925333No one’s arguing the fact that Mariah Carey is beautiful, but there’s a very obvious difference in these two photos. The touched-up photo on the right shows Mariah with much darker skin tone, and an overall slimmer look. The slight rolls in the stomach area in the picture on the left have been smoothed up to show a perfectly flat set of abs in the final photo.


#14 Kristen Stewart

1473088793951-photoshop-4-1472823671861As you can see, gone are the dark circles as they’re replaced with a shining bright complexion. Kristen’s hair was also brightened in the photoshopped picture, and her mouth was even altered from being slightly agape to fully closed. It’s simultaneously amazing and shocking what can be done with a little Photoshop! We still love Kristen anyway, though.


#13 Katy Perry

1473088794373-a9f95b5a99bf2932989648b7d3fd0d8c-1472828274608-mediumNotice any differences between the two pictures? Both are beautiful, but the photoshopped picture on the right shows a smoother face and eyes that are a much brighter blue. The before photo is marred by normal facial imperfections like acne and pronounced dimple lines which clearly weren’t suitable for the final shot. This next celebrity is one you’ll definitely know…

#12 Madonna

1473088794584-photoshop-6-1472827679453Sometimes photoshop is used to fix the model’s appearance as well as wardrobe issues, as was the case here with Madonna. Not only has her skin been enhanced to appear flawless and more translucent, you can see that little glitches from her outfit have been edited out as well. It seems even clothing can have its imperfections as well!


#11 George Clooney

1473088794959-georgeclooney-1472829980488If it seems like we’re ganging up on the ladies, check out this before and after of George Clooney. He looks about 10 years younger in the photoshopped picture with his wrinkles being completely smoothed out. Even the shade of his hair has been tweaked and appears a little darker. It just goes to show you that nobody is safe from a Photoshop job.


#10 Mischa Barton

1473088796077-897e74214edd0879f84a4bca39bc1783-1472829660591In the real life snap caught by paparazzi, it’s clear that Barton has some cellulitis on her legs. In her magazine and promotional photo’s her skin is smooth and without blemish of any kind, demonstrating some photoshop wizardry. Also, in the edited photo, Barton appears thinner and more chesty. You can’t believe everything you see in magazines!

#9 Angelina Jolie

1473088796342-5f46c4b9c381261e067e8dae20bfedd4-1472830139579-mediumAngelina Jolie catches the eye of many, but even she gets some touch-ups done on her public photos. In this specific comparison, it appears that some blemishes have been removed while making the skin smoother and coloring more balanced. Her eyes also appear to have been enhanced to appear more sparkly. This next celebrity knows a thing or two about Photoshop jobs…


#8 Brooklyn Decker

1473088796484-527ce7f6959abb69f92843f050e30cb0-1472831025968If you’re feeling insecure, you might feel better knowing that photographers think that even the beautiful Brooklyn Decker needs touching up. In this photo shoot, the after shot on the right has some distinct differences. Decker’s face and arm are much darker overall, and her breasts are substantially larger. Speaking of large body parts, check out this next celeb…


#7 Kim Kardashian

1473088796699-075d134007deff58064f7e939d083b71-1472830358025Some suspect Kim Kardashian has had extensive plastic surgery, but even still, her photo’s are edited and enhanced before being released to the public. In this example, we can see that the skin appears flawless with a nicer complexion after editing. It also appears that her waist and curves have been reduced in size.


#6 Kourtney Kardashian

1473088796937-e82069a92ec4342787075fabfa92b9ce-1472830723510We don’t have to look much further for the next case of photoshop magic. Kourtney Kardashian admitted that the magazine photographing her made numerous changes to this picture. Even though both pictures were taken on the same day, the magazine drastically altered her appearance by slimming her down and even changing the color of her shirt. What’s the point of even having your photo taken at this point?

#5 Tyra Banks

1473088797185-071f3417eafc29ff21b21d5e95774f8e-1472831093836-mediumSometimes photoshop can be handy for simply removing stray hairs, as was the case here with Tyra Banks. It was also used to get rid of the bags under her eyes, even out her complexion, and change her eye color from dark green to a much lighter green. Her lips also appear glossier. Something Tyra is used to as she’s been in the modeling industry for years now.


#4 Emma Watson

1473088797379-6e27294370f73f8d02259b4e90ce8e76-1472831223757-mediumAlthough young and attractive, even Emma Watson went under the photoshop knife. It was evidently used on this photo to darken her hair in spots, smooth out her skin, and edit the color of her complexion. Perhaps the most notable change is the enhancement of her eyes which distinctly brighter. You would never expect this next celebrity to need Photoshop!


#3 Eva Mendes

1473088797586-3d5c9ec1a6fbef5fcdeb2f58aa5881d6-1472831415462-mediumFor this magazine cover page photo shoot, there were some obvious changes made to Mendes’ appearance. Some of her wrinkles in the forehead and under the eyes have been removed, and her skin tone is noticeably lighter. The whole photo, including Mendes, has a much more pronounced glow to it. Now, for everybody’s favorite celeb…


#2 Jennifer Lawrence

1473088797786-0fb1784cd30a1d4bc3960cab4de11117-1472831696504-mediumUnfortunately, magazines and advertisements seem to prefer having their starlets with fewer curves, even when they’re not that significant to start with. That’s exactly the case in this photo of Jennifer Lawrence which has been heavily photoshopped to reduce the size of her waistline, legs, face, shoulders, and arms. And last, but now least, check out this final celeb’s Photoshop job…


#1 Alicia Silverstone

1473088797942-ef91634e978e57cdbce4fb95765a962c-1472831922375-mediumThis is one of the most obvious cases of photoshop with some drastic differences in the after photo of Alicia Silverstone. Wrinkles have been removed, gums have been made to look more subtle, teeth are brighter and whiter, bags under the eyes have been reduced, and her complexion has a lot more color overall.

Some of the before and after photos we’ve seen are shocking, and sometimes even the celebrities themselves are outraged that these changes are made without their consent. It seems the media wants their celebrities to look a certain way, and anything less than perfect is unacceptable.

If there are any positive takeaways to be had from all these photoshop fix-ups being revealed is it shows that the celebrities many people idolize for their picture-perfect looks are no different than the normal people that idolize them.

With the power of make-up, plastic surgery, and most importantly, photoshop, it’s impossible for anyone to look better than these touched-up celebrities!

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