18 Pictures That Prove Time Travel Is Real

FeaturedTravelTime travel is one of the most mysterious science fiction theories that people have. Many believe the government hast the ability to time travel but aren’t yet sharing it with the public. Others believe that there’s no way time travel is possible and that if it were, we would know by now because we would have been contacted by someone from the future! But perhaps we have! Every so often, someone might notice a picture that just doesn’t seem right throughout history. Here is a collection of those pictures that prove that time travel exists! You won’t believe that these aren’t fake!

#18 A Travelling Hipster

001--18-a-travelling-hipster-251398This was one of the first photographs to appear that made people really think that time travel is possible. Many of the men are wearing hats and professional looking clothing while this guy has a sweater and a t-shirt on. He’s also rocking some seriously modern shades and even has a pocket sized camera around his neck!

#17 A Cell Phone

002--17-a-cell-phone-251444Is that woman holding a cell phone? This picture was taken behind the scenes of a Charlie Chaplin movie. The woman is acting pretty secretive and holding something like we would hold a cell phone today. However, if she really did have a phone, I’m sure she’d have terrible, reception during a time that there aren’t cell towers in every city.

#16 An Astronaut?

003--16-an-astronaut--251406This sculpture of an astronaut can be seen on a church building that was built between the 1600s and 1800s. Why on Earth would they have such a sculpture on this building? Were they visited by a time travelling astronaut? Or did someone have a wild imagination about space travel ahead of their time? If you thought that was weird, you will really freak about on this next one…

#15 Traveler or Scammer?

004--15-traveler-or-scammer--251408This newspaper covered a story of an investor who claimed to be from the year 2256! He was jailed on sider-trading charges but then suddenly vanished! The man does even look to be a bit more modern looking than his time, but we may never know! Or maybe we will in 2256 when someone comes back from the past to tell the tale!

#14 Nic Cage Travels Time

005--14-nic-cage-travels-time-251410The picture on the left is of the well-known actor Nicolas Cage, and many believe the picture on the right to be that as well! The picture surfaced on eBay claiming to be proof that the actor is able to travel time! The evidence could be yours as well for just the low price of one million dollars.