18 People Who Died for A Selfie

FeaturedSelfieThe selfie is here to stay but not everybody who takes a selfie is so permanent. In fact, while millions of people every day manage to take a selfie without any particular harm coming to them; there are others who haven’t been so lucky just as we’re about to see. What they have in common is a certain lack of common sense combined with an inability to understand that there are times when a selfie might be best left untaken. With that in mind, we bring you a collection of 18 people who died for their art and for their selfie.

#18 She Touched a Live Wire and Now She’s Not Alive

001--18-she-touched-a-live-wire-and-now-she--247240Anna Ursu was only 18 when she decided that she’d take the selfie to end all selfies. She climbed up onto the roof of a train and then raised her leg to show how cool she was. The leg came into contact with the live wire; she wasn’t cool anymore, as she burst into flames. She died with nearly 50% of her body burned away.

#17 The Point Blank Selfie

002--17-the-point-blank-selfie-247268An unnamed gentleman from Concrete, Washington failed to take some basic safety precautions with his gun and whilst capturing his firing iron and himself in an intimate situation – he shot himself in the face. Fatally. Apparently, he’d thought that the weapon was unloaded even though he’d just loaded it before taking the shot. (Excuse the pun).

#16 The Last View From the Bridge

003--16-the-last-view-from-the-bridge-247794Our next knocker on heaven’s door was the unfortunate Sylwia Rajchel from Poland who took a holiday in Southern Spain. She fell in love with the Puente de Triana bridge and decided she had to have that perfect selfie right on the edge of the bridge. Then she fell off, onto concrete and died in hospital after having been revived following a heart attack.

#15 The Taj Mahal And The Land Of The Falling Sun

004--15-the-taj-mahal-and-the-land-of-the-fa-247797Japan is famous for its rising sun but when a Japanese tourist headed to the Taj Mahal, India’s most famous landmark, it wasn’t rising but falling that got him killed. He pulled out his selfie stick and stood on some stairs to get the perfect photo and then he fell down the stairs and perished in the hospital instead.

#14 Blown Away

005--14-blown-away-247359It’s not just Americans who get a little excited when playing with guns. Oscar Otero Aguilar was playing with a gun as a prop for his selfie when it discharged and fatally wounded him. Oscar, unfortunately, passed away on the trip to the hospital. Ironically, Oscar had hundreds of selfies on his Facebook profile page.