18 People Who Died for A Selfie


The selfie is here to stay but not everybody who takes a selfie is so permanent. In fact, while millions of people every day manage to take a selfie without any particular harm coming to them; there are others who haven’t been so lucky just as we’re about to see. What they have in common is a certain lack of common sense combined with an inability to understand that there are times when a selfie might be best left untaken. With that in mind, we bring you a collection of 18 people who died for their art and for their selfie.

#18 She Touched a Live Wire and Now She’s Not Alive

001--18-she-touched-a-live-wire-and-now-she--247240Anna Ursu was only 18 when she decided that she’d take the selfie to end all selfies. She climbed up onto the roof of a train and then raised her leg to show how cool she was. The leg came into contact with the live wire; she wasn’t cool anymore, as she burst into flames. She died with nearly 50% of her body burned away.