18 Of The Worst Shark Attacks Ever Recorded


Shark attacks can be one of the most feared occurrences for ocean goers, or basically, anyone scared of swimming in any body of water. Even kids in pools can get scared that they might run into the toothy fish. In reality, actually getting attacked by a shark is surprisingly uncommon. It’s rare o even run into a wild shark when visiting a body of water, and even if you do, a shark isn’t always likely to attack. However, when the sharks do decide to take it to a fighting level, the results can be pretty gruesome. Click through to see 18 of the worst shark attacks in recorded history.

#18 Bethany Hamilton

1473193807915-grind-tv-com-1473175833268Bethany Hamilton was just 13 years old when she was attacked by a 14-foot Tiger Shark. She was lounging around lying on her surfboard, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a shark came up and bit off her arm that she had hanging in the water. Luckily she survived and went on to be one of the top ten professional female surfers in the world.