18 Of The Nastiest Divorces In Hollywood

FeaturedNastiestMarriages are one of the most beautiful things on the planet, as two people profess their love for each other. However, while these marriages are so amazing in principle, they don’t exactly have the best track record as about half of marriages now end in divorce. And while a divorce is never a good thing and always hard, it is especially bad in Hollywood. This is because there is a ton more money at stake and every little detail is publicized by a ton of different medias. Here are 18 of the nastiest divorces in Hollywood and number 15 just became official a few weeks ago.

#18 Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan

001--18-dennis-quaid-and-meg-ryan-5ede07ac9725a1557720364b5907bf6cThese two fell in love while filming their second film together, which was DOA. But after Ryan had an affair with Russell Crowe, the marriage ended on bad terms. There was also rumors of infidelity on the part of Quaid, which he has denied. The husband in the 10th entry also was rumored to be cheating on his wife.

#17 James Cameron and Linda Hamilton

002--17-james-cameron-and-linda-hamilton-247122James Cameron is an absolutely legendary director and has directed some amazing films during his career. But his life got shaken up a mere 2 days after the 1997 Oscars, in which Cameron cleaned up for “Titanic”. Apparently, their marriage was terrible in every sense of the word and Hamilton walked away with a cool $50 Million from the divorce.

#16 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

003--16-ben-affleck-and-jennifer-garner-247124These two were a Hollywood super couple for the decade they were married. However, the two called it quits only one day after their 10 year wedding anniversary. It was alleged that Affleck cheated, but the couple both deny it. They had three children together. Another couple that had a very long marriage before a divorce comes in at number 13.

#15 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

004--15-tom-cruise-and-katie-holmes-247126This entire relationship was pretty crazy to say the least. The two of them got engaged after only a few months of dating. They divorced after six years amidst a ton of rumors that Cruise’s affiliation with Scientology was too much for Holmes. This divorce was front page news for weeks, just like the 12th entry on this list.

#14 Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

005--14-arnold-schwarzenegger-and-maria-shri-247128The actor, bodybuilder, and politician has been going through his divorce and separation from Shriver for years now. Even though they have been separated for years, the divorce isn’t quite finalized, though it is inevitable at this point. They separated after Schwarzenegger had allegedly slept with the family housekeeper – a little cliche if you ask us.