18 Of The Longest Celebrity Marriages


It seems like one of the hardest things to do is make a marriage last in the world of celebrities. We’re constantly barraged by the media with new of celebrity marriages lasting weeks or months, and even the ones that last years seem destined to end.

As discouraging as that might seem, there are still a quite a few celebrity marriages that have been long and successful, and we’re crossing our fingers that we’re not jinxing them by putting them squarely in the spotlight!

Take a look at 18 of the longest celebrity marriages out there. You’ll be shocked by how long some of these famous couples have been married!

#18 Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara

1473090209140-2d133f58791f53034609e76ba6c791df-1472753875327This amazing couple has been married for an incredible 67 years! They met in 1953 and married one year later, and since then they’ve worked together on many different comedic projects. They also have two famous children in their own right, Ben and Amy Stiller. That’s one funny family! This next celebrity couple will surely make you smile…