18 Home Cleaning Tips that Will Make Your Life Easier

13. Microwave Spongesmicrowave sponges

Microwaves are not only for food but it’s also useful for sanitizing objects. Kitchen sponges are one of the dirtiest objects in the kitchen and the kitchen is where our food is prepared so it’s important to keep surfaces and utensils clean. The sponge is what we use to clean almost everything in the kitchen, especially our dinnerware and silverware so keeping them clean is absolutely necessary. A quick way to sanitize them is in the microwave. Just toss them in for 10-20 seconds and it will immediately kill all the nasty germs hiding in their nooks and crannies.

12. Sweater Pillssweaater pills

Sweater lovers’ know the pain of having those annoying and pesky pills. It makes your favorite sweater look dated and uncared for. The next time you’re battling these pesky pills try brushing your sweater wth a textured sponge. It’ll instantly make your sweater look good as new without damaging the sweater itself. Easy, breezy.

11. Vinegar and Water Solutionvinegar and water cleaner

Vinegar is not only a cooking aid but also an excellent cleaning aid. It has a multitude of uses and is all-natural and non-toxic. To use it as an all-around cleaner, make a solution of three parts water, one part vinegar and pour in a spray bottle. Use it to eliminate mineral build-ups, shine windows, clean carpet spills, and remove odors from the sink and garbage disposal. The list goes on and these are just a few ways to use this all-around cleaner.

10. Toothpastetoothpaste as cleaner

Toothpaste is not only for your pearly whites but it is also proven to be a serious multipurpose cleaner. It can be used to restore shine to your faucet, prevent bathroom mirror fogging, polish a diamond ring, remove scuffs from shoes, and remove crayons from walls to name a few. You’ll not only have fresh breath but a fresh house as well.

9. Clean Car with Lint Rollerlint roller

This small, handy tool is very convenient for picking up small fibers or dust. But this sticky roller can also help pick up hair, dust, pieces of dirt and crumbs as well. Nothing escapes this small, sticky handy tool as it picks up anything it glides into. That means easy clean up for us anytime and anywhere.