18 Forbidden Places Around The World…Better Plan Your Vacation Somewhere Else

The world is such a wonderful place to live in. There are a lot of wonderful places to explore. It would be an amazing feeling to see nature at its finest and places where only a few brave souls have gone to visit. What an exciting feeling! That is if you’re a hungry thrill-seeker and explorer. The more remote, the better. But no matter how bad, you want to explore the world, there will places you’re forbidden to visit, especially if you’re an average civilian like everyone else. Whether it’s because of safety purposes or a top secret location, you will never be able to set foot on these forbidden places around the world. Just plan your next vacation somewhere else.

18. Jiangsu National Security Education MuseumJiangsu National Security Education Museum

This Chinese museum is not completely forbidden. It’s only off-limits to foreigners, non-Chinese. The museum director said that they didn’t want to expose sensitive spy information. The museum contained a range of documents and gadgets dating back when the Communist Party’s Central Committee espionage department was founded. It has exhibits including guns disguised as lipstick, hollowed-out coins used to conceal documents and maps hidden in decks of cards. Taking photos are not allowed inside either.