18 Embarrassing Sports Moments Caught on Camera

5. Split Suit

5. Split Suit

(source: thecelebrityline.com)

Honestly, it is shocking that this doesn’t happen more often. With the extra tight suits that people like swimmers and speed skaters wear, they are just asking for splits and rips in the clothing. This poor person had a split in the absolute worst possible location.


4. Picture Perfect

4. Picture Perfect(source: chilloutpoint.com)

Again, this photographer should be heralded for this amazing work. Out of all the sports balls, you wouldn’t want to take right in the nose, is probably a rugby ball. And while it definitely didn’t feel good, we can’t help but laugh at the face this man makes.



3. IN THE FACE(source: thecelebrityline.com)

There are a few different things that make this photo amazing. Not only does it look as if that man has a volleyball for a face, but he was also delivered that ball right from an opponent’s hand, so you know it was traveling fast. I would love to see a video of this to see what led to this photo.


2. Strange Uniform Choice

2. Strange Uniform Choice(source: thecelebrityline.com)

Now these ladies are all very happy with themselves as they likely won a cycling event, but their uniforms are quite strange. Whoever designed them probably didn’t think too hard about the design, as it looks as if these ladies are half naked.


1. Wait, That’s Not Right

1. Wait, That’s Not Right(source: reddit.com)

Dustin Brown is a pretty good hockey player, but its clear his head wasn’t in the game during this moment. Brown was after a quick drink of water, but instead, sprayed nothing but the ice. This has happened to a number of different players as well and appears to be a common struggle.

So as you can see, some otherwise great athletes have seen their embarrassing moments go viral. These were a hilarious look at how athletes are not that far from a regular person, as they too go through painfully embarrassing moments here and there. And if you liked these 18, there are surely dozens other for you to check out. Also, big thanks to the amazing photographers who go out there and capture these moments and for providing us hours of entertainment.