18 Embarrassing Sports Moments Caught on Camera

9. Spieth’s Stone Hands

9. Spieth’s Stone Hands

(source: thecelebritylane.com)

There is no doubt that Jordan Spieth is one of the best golfers in the world today. But in this photo, we see he can also be pretty clumsy. After winning his first Major at 21 years old, it seems his nerves will still around as he bobbled the trophy and broke it in the process.


8. Almost Had It

8. Almost Had It(source: sportsmozo.com)

Now few things can be more embarrassing than not only dropping a wide open pass in a rugby game, and then having a photographer capture each stage of the drop in rapid succession. The friends of this player likely will never let him live down this awful drop.


7. The Water Robot

7. The Water Robot(source: thecelebrityline.com)

Of all the sports out there, few offer up more hilarious and embarrassing pictures than synchronized swimming. The ladies who compete in this sport are very expressive and passionate, which leads to some great snapshots.


6. Pants’d

6. Pants’d(source: lolwot.com)

Well, that is certainly one way to slow down your man. After getting beat by the ball carrier, this defender decides to make a final, last ditch effort to slow him down by dropping his pants, pretty embarrassing for both guys if you ask me.