18 Duggar Family Secrets That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine!



It doesn’t take an expert to know that the Duggar family is one of the strangest families to grace television in a while. Even before all the scandals, any sane person can see that certain parts of their life are absolutely absurd. Some people admire them for their wholesome values, and while they do have some normal or admiral practices, a lot of what they are about is extremely strange and weird.

The shows that they’re on won’t always show their creepy side, but they never fail to make themselves look weird no matter where they are.

Here are 18 of the creepiest Duggar family secrets that are sure to send chills down your spine. You’ll never believe #9!

18. At One Point, They Did Use Birth Control

18. At One PointIf you couldn’t already tell from how many children these people have, the Duggars are very against birth control. They believe that nothing should stop the impregnation process, because if God wants you to have a baby, you should have that baby. Hopefully, none of the girls ever have any female related health issues that birth control might actually help.

17. Michelle Had A Miscarriage

17. Michelle Had A MiscarriageUnfortunately, Michelle suffered a miscarriage in her first pregnancy, before she had all the kids. It’s quite inspirational to know that she went on to have so many completely healthy children, as many women feel discouraged to continue trying after having a miscarriage. They blame it on the fact that Michelle was taking birth control not too soon before that.

16. No Touching!

16. No TouchingAs it can be assumed with any extreme religious family, the Duggars believe in saving your virginity for marriage. But it goes way beyond just sex. You also aren’t allowed to have your first kiss until you’re married. You aren’t allowed to hold hands until you’ve become engaged, and the only form of touching that is allowed when you’re “courting” are side hugs only!

15. Science Isn’t Real!

15. Science Isn’t RealLike a lot of religious nuts, the Duggars reject a lot of very real parts of science, and many scientifically proven facts. Michelle has been known to state in an interview that overpopulation is a complete myth, and it’s clear she really doesn’t believe in it. One of the daughters has also stated that the earth is only 6,000 years old, because, you know, the bible said so.

14. No Pants Allowed

14. No Pants AllowedThe Duggar females are definitely not allowed to wear pants, shorts, trousers, or anything else with two legs. The only things they can wear are skirts or dresses that go past the knees. They also have to be sure to cover up their chest and their arms. Anything else is too form fitting, and might be too tempting for any males that are around.