18 Deadliest Animals – You Won’t Believe #1!

FeaturedAnimalsThe world is an incredible place full of a countless number of animals. Some animals don’t exist anymore, and some species we still have to discover. Those that we do know about we don’t necessarily know everything about. One thing is for sure, and that’s that we know which ones are and aren’t dangerous. Some are obviously dangerous and we do all we can to avoid them. Others are seemingly harmless but can still cause us fatal harm. Out of all the animals in the world, these are the 18 most dangerous species based on how many lives they take a year. Some will absolutely shock you so click through what critters to avoid!

#18 Brazilian Water Spiders

001--18-brazilian-water-spiders-251209As if regular house spiders aren’t terrifying enough, there’s the Brazilian Water Spider with the looks of a tarantula and lethal venom that has taken 7 recorded lives total. The water spiders aren’t commonly seen out in the open and normally snake into people’s houses and cars on accidents. Don’t fear too much, there is an anecdote!

#17 Polar Bear

002--17-polar-bear-ce27103c07b95a79bca3447413a35cbbBears can be pretty cute and cuddly, but don’t let their furry appearance fool you! Bears are still dangerous. One of the types of bears is Polar Bears. Though these bears do have a low interaction rate with humans, they still take around 1 or 2 lives a year, but mostly when a human encroaches on a Polar Bear’s territory.

#16 Puffer Fish

003--16-puffer-fish-744bb2ce2e9118944d5067f2d34a43dfPuffer fish are cute when you first see them, but knowing that their spines contain a poison 1200 times more lethal than cyanide makes them a bit more frightening. They are known to take around 5 lives a year, as they are lethal to ingest if they are not cooked properly. This next animal should not come as a surprise…

#15 Grizzly Bears

004--15-grizzly-bears-b1ec05cf90a55695d9876d05b6b73037Just like Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears have a pretty cute and cuddly appearance. However, don’t let their similarity to a teddy bear fool you. Grizzly Bear attacks take around 10 lives annually. Despite their size, they’re known to be pretty speedy as well as being overprotective of their young. These aren’t the only cuties to make the list of dangerous animals! Find out who else on the list looks like a stuffed animal but could actually tear you to pieces!

#14 Poison Dart Frog

005--14-poison-dart-frog-027da939006d3fc2267137fc622a19fcPoison Dart Frogs are pretty cute if you look at them from a distance, that is. But make sure to make it a pretty long distance as their skin is covered in deadly toxins. They carry enough poison to kill up to 10 people! For being as tiny as a leaf, that’s some pretty powerful poison!