18 Celebrity Prom Photos That Will Make You Feel Better

Prom is probably one of the most memorable events in a teenager’s life. Even some of the celebrities before they rose to stardom went through the awkward teenage stage. The acne, bad hair, big fashion boo-boos, you name it, they went through those. They had no stylists and glam squads during those years so they committed some fashion mistakes that made them look awkward and ordinary just like the rest of us. Those sparkly suits and dresses, caked on makeup and ill-fitting gowns are just some of the hallmarks of a teenager’s awkward stage transitioning to young adulthood. Just like every teenager, back then, we thought we had everything figured out but when we look back to those photos we just cringe or laugh our guts out seeing all those awkwardness. Take comfort and look at these photos that prove even celebrities had awkward teenage years. The¬†18 Celebrity Prom Photos That Will Make You Feel Better.

18. Ellen Degeneresellen degeneres

This is probably the first and last time we’ll see Ellen wear a dress. Her date was dressed appropriately but her dress was a disaster! Ellen actually admitted that this was a particularly low point in her life. We couldn’t agree more. We’re not sure if it was because of her date, her grown out mullet or drab plaid dress? But these days dresses is her least favorite attire.