18 Celebrities Who Have Underwent Shocking Weight Loss

Being out of shape and overweight can be harmful to our health and yet, a large majority of us are overweight. But in recent years, various health and nutrition initiatives are in place that can make it easier than ever to lose weight. And everyone (even celebrities) have struggled with their weight throughout the years, but some have risen about and made some amazing transformations, such as these 18 celebs.

18. John Goodman

18. John Goodman(source: sportingz.com)


It is usually a bad sign when you are often cast as the gross, old and fat man in movies and TV. That is where Goodman found himself for years. But as you can see, he has made HUGE life changes that have shown. He looks amazing in a suit at a recent event and can be found with his new slimming body in the movie 10 Cloverfield Lane.

17. Snookie

17. Snookie(source: abcnews.go.com)

Snookie became famous on the Jersey Shore show and was often ridiculed by fans over social media for her weight, even though she was hardly big at all. But after the show stopped, Snookie decided to make a change and adapted a much more healthy lifestyle in all aspects.

16. Chris Pratt

16. Chris Pratt(source: sportingz.com)

Most of us got accustomed to seeing Pratt as the silly character on “Parks and Recreation”, but he shocked us all when he transformed into a true leading man in Jurassic Park and Guardians of the Galaxy, complete with a new and ripped body. Now Pratt plays the hunky hero with rock-hard abs.

15. Zach Galafanakis

15. Zach Galafanakis(source: sportingz.com)

We all fell in love with Zach for his role in the hangover as the lovable Allen. He used the success of that show to star in a number of others, where he always played a big, silly man. While he is just as silly, Zach will now have to play the slim and funny guy! We’ll have to wait and see if his humor has dropped with his weight.

14. Christian Bale

14. Christian Bale(source: sportingz.com)

Christian Bale is the king of losing and gaining weight for roles. He has repeatedly ballooned up for certain roles, only to drop down for others. He is obviously in great control of his body and always knows what he is doing when he puts on weight and loses it.