18 Celebrities Who Are Struggling With Severe Illnesses


When they are on our TVs or on the big screen at the theatre, celebrities and actors seem bigger than life. They are often paid millions and millions of dollars to play interesting or cool characters and oftentimes, they seem like a different species than us. But the fact is, they are all humans just like us and go through various problems in their lives. Included in these problems are serious illnesses, and celebrities aren’t immune to them. In this article, you will see 18 celebs who are struggling with major illnesses, and number 15 will blow your mind.

#18 Morgan Freeman

Science ChannelOne of the most beloved actors (with one of the greatest voices) in Hollywood is none other than Morgan Freeman. And while Freeman has been in Hollywood for years and continues to work in film, he has also been a longtime sufferer of fibromyalgia. He constantly deals with agonizing pain in his left arm, but still manages to work in the business.