18 Celebrities Who Are Struggling With Severe Illnesses

FeaturedCelebgsWhen they are on our TVs or on the big screen at the theatre, celebrities and actors seem bigger than life. They are often paid millions and millions of dollars to play interesting or cool characters and oftentimes, they seem like a different species than us. But the fact is, they are all humans just like us and go through various problems in their lives. Included in these problems are serious illnesses, and celebrities aren’t immune to them. In this article, you will see 18 celebs who are struggling with major illnesses, and number 15 will blow your mind.

#18 Morgan Freeman

Science ChannelOne of the most beloved actors (with one of the greatest voices) in Hollywood is none other than Morgan Freeman. And while Freeman has been in Hollywood for years and continues to work in film, he has also been a longtime sufferer of fibromyalgia. He constantly deals with agonizing pain in his left arm, but still manages to work in the business.

#17 Alec Baldwin

002--17-alec-baldwin-f6f67f66714cf259e3166d71936c92d4While it is not a secret that Alec Baldwin is a sufferer of Lyme disease, he does keep his struggles with it fairly quiet in the public eye. His problem leaves him very fatigued at given times while he has been suffering from the issues since he was diagnosed with the disease back in 2007. You may recognize this next celebrity from his hit show on Showtime…

#16 Michael C. Hall

003--16-michael-c-hall-246199Michael C. Hall is without a doubt best known for his role as Dexter on the show of the same name. But in real life, Hall was dealing with something much more frightening than anything in the show. Michael C. Hall had Hodgkins Lymphoma, a type of cancer, and was undergoing treatment. Thankfully he is currently in remission.

#15 Nick Cannon

004--15-nick-cannon-245838Nick Cannon has been an actor, host, and entertainer for years. But Cannon has actually been hospitalized numerous times for his illness, which is Lupus. This is an autoimmune disease that isn’t life threatening it does require careful management that is hard when your schedule is busy. Cannon isn’t the only star to be currently suffering from Lupus, check out the number 11 spot.

#14 Catherine Zeta-Jones

005--14-catherine-zeta-jones-af7052330b4fcd1d166f62a7158bd5ebZeta-Jones is one-half of one of the biggest couples in Hollywood with Michael Douglas. She has appeared in a number of movies and is a huge star, but isn’t without her problems as well. Zeta-Jones suffers from bipolar disorder, which she came public about in 2011. You will be surprised to hear about this next celebrity’s illness…