18 Athletes That Give Kim Kardashian A Run For Her Money

FeaturesGirlsPeople are obsessed with celebrities. Fair enough, some stars have accomplished a lot in acting, music, or some other craft. Others, though, seem to be famous for no reason whatsoever. One of those people is Kim Kardashian.


Kim and the Kardashian family as a whole have a huge fan base, namely from their reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Especially Kim, though, is worshipped for her beauty and curvaceous features.

Now we ask the tough question: would you take an athlete or Kim Kardashian? You might say Kim at first, but before you answer, check out these photos of athletes as beautiful if not more beautiful than any of the Kardashians!

#18 Maria Sharapova

001--18-maria-sharapova-bd54d7d338bbff7668c92ba1f57a1753Maria Sharapova is one of the best tennis players in the world, and she’s actually ranked within the top 10 for all female tennis players. Tennis requires consistently high fitness levels, and Sharapova clearly excels at maintaining her fitness. She has legs that go on for days, and in our opinion, she blows Kim Kardashian out of the water.

#17 Michelle Jenneke

002--17-michelle-jenneke-0eefeb8714dc4b4990ea2513f288bdfaMichelle Jenneke is one of the fastest women in the world, and she’s had a pretty successful career to match. Hailing from Australia, she competed in the 2010 Youth Olympics in which she won a silver medal. She’s known for her unique shimmy and shake ritual that she performs before each run. If you thought Jenneke was hot, check out this next athlete…

#16 Serena Williams

003--16-serena-williams-263005Serena Williams has already accomplished a ton in her tennis career and achieved world fame while doing it. On top of that, she maintains her fitness at very high level, allowing her to have the behind that gives Kim Kardashian a run for her money! She’s been competing for many years, and it’s not expected that she’ll stop anytime soon.

#15 Jennifer Nicole Lee

004--15-jennifer-nicole-lee-b3f5e9a03f1587d8892d617c09bd5d8cHaving kids and getting back into amazing shape is a feat that Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Nicole Lee have accomplished, but Lee shed an incredible 70 lbs after having both of her children. On her way to doing that she became a prominent voice in the fitness world, and she’s now an author, fitness model, and a motivational speaker on the subjects of health and fitness.

#14 Snezana Rodic

005--14-snezana-rodic-4dae0539a50a21923a7fa4cdf2dfa64aSnezana Rodic is unique in her appearance, which might be influenced by her cultural background from Slovenia, located in the Balkans. Her heritage mixed with her continued fitness running track and field, Rodic has been able to keep a fit body that would make anybody look twice. Speaking of fit bodies, you’ll love this next athlete…