17 Surprising Reveals in Today’s Sports

You’re on your way to making that big shot. Your can feel your adrenaline pumping. You see an opening. Then you make the shot. And… It goes in! The buzzer sounds. You realized you won the game for your team. Everyone is cheering but then you realize almost half of them are staring at you in disbelief. Then you see them laughing. You have no idea what they were laughing about and you give your teammates a “What?” look. You see your teammates waving and telling you to look down. Then you look down only to see your private parts being exposed. You don’t know how it happened and you felt your opposing team had something to do with it. You feel like you want to hide and cry in the corner. But you’re just there — standing with embarassment.

Nowadays, mishaps aren’t just limited to formal and red carpet events. They go beyond that. Now cameras can spot them everywhere and one of them is in sporting events. Here are some examples of uniform mishaps that we’ve come to observe over the years:

1. Stephanie Pratt: Volleyball

Batch 3- 17 Surprising Reveals in Today's Sports- Stephanie Pratt- Volleyball

Stephanie may have gained traction in the volleyball world with this shot. It’s a good bet that this capture will surely gain plenty of attention. At the same time, she should know better. How about getting a bikini that actually fits?