17 of the Worst Celeb Pictures Ever Taken

12. Ellen Degeneres ellendegeneres

The comedian is seen without makeup and barely looks noticeable. Was it a bad sunburn or what?

11. Simon Cowell


The blunt judge looked like he had too much of a drink and is not his normal self. All I can say is, “He looks atrocious.”

10. Kim Kardashiankimkardashian

She may be one of the celebrities that’s on every good and bad list. We can see here that she has gained some weight and her dress isn’t helping at all.

9. Cameron Diazcamerondiaz

Diaz has been open about her battle with acne since her teen years. And tells that it is mostly triggered by eating junk and fast food. Looks like we know what she’s been eating lately.

8. Lindsay Lohanlindsaylohan

Looks like all the late night partying, drinks, and drugs have taken a toll on her. The previously georgeous star has aged so much.