16 Kitchen Nightmares That Will Improve Your Culinary Self Esteem

How many times have you failed in the kitchen? I for one did so in occasion way too many to count. Most times our inadequacy in the kitchen leads us to poor self esteem when it comes to cooking. Most will agree that it takes time and experience to successfully navigate this domain. Some have given up hope and still others are just plain ignorant of what they are missing.

Cooking can be the most fascinating talent or skill you can delve into in this world. If you like good food, it would be fantastic to know how to prepare them yourself. But the kitchen is also one scary place. It has all the elements for  kitchen nightmares waiting to unfold. Do you see those sharp pointy knives, that too hot a grill or stove, the many confusing knobs of an oven, and the overwhelming number of equipments that you do not have a single clue how to operate? If this stuff is not problem enough, add to it the issue of recipes and actual handling of the ingredients. Panicky? Calm down, this article will prove to you that you are not alone, and best of all you are not the worst.

1 – Saggy is the operative word instead of Al dente.



Who among you have done this at least ones in their life? Pasta is a delicate ingredient; it needs constant tending and proper preparation. The trick is to put the pasta when the water starts to boil. Do not forget to add salt to the water and oil to give it taste and keep it from ending up like this. It needs your TLC, so constantly watch over it and toss the same to make sure all sides are cooking just fine.

2 – Grilled Salmon, over well done.


Salmon are best served grilled with a little butter and some lemon on it. It is also best eaten as medium rare. This way, the succulent meat of the fish and the freshness of the flavor remains in tacked with just a hint of smoke. In this picture though, the salmon may not only be burnt but the entire kitchen wall goes with it. This is a very sad ending for a supposedly sumptuous meal.

3 – Microwave no no’s.


Okay, for a first timer this can be acceptable. There really are just a list of things you should not put in a microwave oven and one of them is a fruit unsliced. The pressure will prompt it to explode. I remember a colleague who almost did the same thing; he placed a boiled egg inside the microwave. And the results are just as messy.

4 – Improvised kitchen tools.


I do not see so much wrong in this picture except of course hygiene in food preparation. The person cooking pasta, and ravioli at that, seems to have no strainer at hand and used his tennis racket to do the job. It may seem ingenious but think of all the germs you could be getting out of a mouthful of his recipe. In addition, it doesn’t help too that the screen is too wide apart, you could end up with pasta going down the drain if you try this at home.

5 – Ultimate Frisbee Showdown


I am not quite sure what to call this recipe and I am also not sure if this thing is edible. At best, it is a perfect round creation. Next time you try out a baking recipe, make sure you follow thru every ingredient’s measurement.  An addition of a dash of baking powder can ruin the whole recipe.

6 – Pasta Catching Fire


No, this is not the sequel of the famous Hunger games series, it is the accident of turning on way too many stove at a time. One trick that we can do to avoid this is to cut the pasta in half, that way it will cook evenly and there are no excess hanging above the pan.

7 – Egg shells is the new seasoning.


The entire broken egg shell swimming in this pan may have been an exaggeration or utter dumbness. But there is no denying that egg shells is a serious matter worthy of discussion. Often times, when we cook eggs, tiny bits of egg shell fall into the pan without our notice. This is especially true when we hurry breakfast preparation to avoid being late at work. This should not be the case, crack the egg in such a way that there is no breaking apart in many pieces. Master that art to avoid this from ever happening.

8 – Microwave explosion.


Many pitfalls in operating microwave oven is a result of our laziness more often than not. Lid should be removed from any container that we put inside the microwave. Again the pressure we are putting the canister into is just unbearable. So don’t just lazily shove them inside your microwave, make sure you remove the cover first.

9 – Is microwave rocket science?


I wonder, is it really that difficult to remember the basic rules for this kitchen equipment? There is a thing called “microwavable”. It is written in a container for a reason. Without this tagging, you should never ever put that thing inside a microwave, unless you plan to burn down the house.